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Involves You Quest Objective

The blasphemous drivel from this "prophet" was beginning to undermine the rule of the kingdom, not to mention the divine power of the Watcher! The instigator would have to be quieted... one way or another.
Silence the Heathen! is the one of two approaches to the paltry aspect quest A Wandering Prophet. This paltry aspect quest is available when the kingdom's Culture is low and it costs 4 QP to start. The quest may be completed with a variation of Heroes: the Jacoban Priest with help from either the Knight or Spy. Or the Monarch with support from the Bard.

Jacoban Priest walkthrough

"I will not tolerate the heretic!"

Jacoban Priest (JP) - Question Attendant --> Question a Jacoban Follower

Knight/Spy (K/S) - Practice on Training Dummy for 1 hour


(K) - Have a spirited religious debate with someone who is not a Jacoban            -- or --

(S) - Collect 2 Nightshade and 2 Belladonna


JP - Visit the Forest clearing --> Listen to the Prophet preach for 30 min

  • Have a religious debate with the Prophet
  • Reflect on the Watcher for 30 min
  • Conspire with the Knight/Spy


K - Donate $100 to the Church at a messenger post

  • Beseech 2 Jacobans

JP Choice - Personally author an Anti-Nature Law -or- Order Attendant to write the Law

  1. Personally - Personally author an Anti-Nature Law to post
  2. Attendant - Order Attendant to write an Anti-Nature proclamation --> Collect the proclamation
  • Submit the Anti-Nature Law to the messenger post

K - Recite Religious Law to the Prophet's Guard

  • Threaten the Prophet's Guard for information on the Prophet --> Defeat the Prophet's Guard in a duel

JP - Heal the Prophet's Guard with The Watcher's Touch

  • Convert the Prophet's Guard to the Jacoban faith --> Question the Guard
  • Conspire Secretly with Knight
  • Request a Letter of Indictment from the Monarch --> Pay Monarch $20
  • Petition Monarch for Royal Letter --> Give the Royal Letter to Knight

K - Arrest the Prophet --> Search the Forest for proof of the Prophet's guilt

JP - Question Little Lost child (Town Square)

  • Question the Prophet

JP Choice - Order the Prophet's death -or- Forgive and Absolve

  1. Death -
  2. Forgive - Invite the Prophet to Church --> Force Prophet to repent in the Jacoban church --> Exile Prophet from <Kingdom>

JP - Give a Sermon (Quest ends)



JP - Give the Spy $20

S - Eavesdrop on the Prophet's conversation for 15 minutes --> Report details of Prophet's activities to Jacoban Priest

JP - Give a sermon --> Ask Mother "What's Wrong?"

  • Travel to Forest clearing --> Go on Forest walk (receive Mystery bone)
  • Hand over the bone as evidence for Spy to examine

S - Perform an Organic study analysis on the bone (requires 1 Belladonna,3 Bloodmoss,1 Mystery Bone, 2 Sagewort) --> Discuss evidence with Jacoban Priest

JP - Request more proof from Spy

S - Pickpocket Prophet Solomon (receive Child's toy) --> Give the Child's toy to Jacoban Priest

JP - Ask the Distraught Mother about the toy --> Return child's toy to Distraught Mother

JP Choice - Perform Watcher's Touch on Mother -or- Comfort with a friendly hug

JP Choice - What to do about the Prophet? Have Spy poison him -or- Absolve and Forgive

1) Poison - JP- Conspire with Spy

  • S- Craft the "Prophet's Bane" poison (requires 3 Bloodmoss)
  • S- Tamper Prophet's drink with "Prophet's Bane" poison

2) Absolve - S- Write a missive of warning about the Prophet --> Send warning to Spy Network

  • JP- Invite Prophet to the Church --> Force Prophet to repent in the Jacoban Church
  • Exile Prophet from Kingdom

JP - Post a proclamation

(Quest ends)

Monarch walkthrough

"His grip on my people must be loosened..."

Monarch (M) - Ask Royal Advisor about the summons

  • Hold Court on the Throne for 1 hour
  • Travel to the Forest clearing

Bard (B) - choice - Seek your muse - Around Kingdom -or- at home?

  • (Walk around kingdom -or- return to Tavern) --> Gather inspiration
  • Use inspiration to write a new poem --> Test poem by reading it to Town Crier
  • Request a public performance from Royal Advisor

M - Question a Follower of the Prophet

  • Serve drink to another Follower to get answers
  • Demand answers from a recent convert
  • Confer with Royal Advisor about the Prophet problem
  • Conspire secretly with the Bard
  • Experience nature with a forest walk (go to Forest, forest walk option)

B - Acquire 1 bolt of cloth and 3 grassweed for disguise

  • Dye cloth in the fireplace to create a disguise
  • Hand over Commoner's clothes disguise to Monarch

M - Return to the Forest clearing to listen to the Prophet

  • Listen to the Prophet preach for 30 minutes (put on disguise)
  • Write an Anti-Nature Law
  • Give the Anti-Nature Law to the Town Crier

B - Rummage through dresser for spare parchment

  • Practice Lute for 1 hour
  • Ask Royal Advisor to borrow a royal quill and ink

B - choice - Write a derisive farce of nature -or- a effusive performance of our kingdom (no quest effect)

  1. Nature- Write a play disparaging nature (themes Nature, Animals and Hunting, Sickness and Death)
  2. Kingdom- Write a play praising the Kingdom (themes Kingdom and Loyalty, The Watcher, Love)

B - Hand over play sample for Royal Advisor's review

M - Feed the Pit Beast an appetizer

  • Ask Town Crier about Law
  • Ask Bard to distract the Prophet's sermon
  • Return to Forest clearing for a nature walk

B - Attend Prophet's sermon in the Forest clearing

  • Distract the Prophet's crowd with a lute song
  • Invite Prophet to the Tavern for performance
  • Return to the Tavern for the big performance

M - Persuade a Prophet's follower to take nature walk

  • Take a guided nature walk in the forest

M - event - Watch and wait -or- Investigate the noise

  1. Wait- receive 30 xp and "Good Deed" buff
  2. Investigate- receive 60 xp, "Moderately Gored" debuff and 2 Boar Meat

B - Perform Play for the crowd in the Tavern

M - Ask guide for a testimonial of Monarch's heroics

  • Go to Tavern to confront Prophet
  • Send Prophet away from the Kingdom

(Quest ends)


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