Achievements are awards earned by the Watcher for completing tasks or meeting objectives in active Kingdoms (kingdoms that still have Quest Points). Note that some achievements can be obtained even by Sims who are inactive in the current quest but who still fulfill the condition with a random autonomous action (e.g. a bard reciting their 50th poem). Each achievement adds points to the Watcher Achievement Level. These points vary depending on how difficult the achievement's objective was.

There are three types of achievements: Game, Kingdom, and Sim.

  • Game Achievements can be completed over any number of kingdoms or heroes.
  • Kingdom Achievements must be completed within a single kingdom
  • Sim Achievements must be completed by a single hero.

Medals awarded for completing Kingdom Ambitions are a fourth type and count towards the Watcher Achievement Level, though they are not listed in the Achievement Book.

  • Bronze: 5 achievement points (AP), Silver: 10 AP, Gold: 15 AP and Platinum 20 AP

The Pirates & Nobles expansion adds new achievements tallied in a second Achievement Book.

List of The Sims Medieval Achievements

Icon Category Type Achievement Name Description Reward Notes
Bard logo.jpg
Bard Game Well-versed Recite 50 Poems 5 Poems recited while not involved in a quest still count
Bard logo.jpg
Bard Game A Bard Day's Night Complete 30 Quests with the Bard 10
Bard logo.jpg
Bard Sim Beowulf Write a truly epic poem 10 Write an Epic Poem with themes: Food and Drink, War, Kingdom and Royalty
Bard logo.jpg
Bard Sim Prolific Playwright Write 20 plays in one Kingdom 10
Bard logo.jpg
Bard Sim To Be or Not to Be Write a truly legendary play 20 Write a Legendary Play with themes: Kingdom and Royalty, Love, Art, Sickness and Death, Foreign Lands.
Blacksmith Logo.jpg
Blacksmith Game Dressed for Success Craft 50 pieces of armor 10
Blacksmith Logo.jpg
Blacksmith Game If I Had a Hammer Complete 30 Quests with the Blacksmith 10
Blacksmith Logo.jpg
Blacksmith Sim Darkness Unleashed Craft a legendary Doomsword 20 To acquire the pieces, have a Hero jump into the Pit of Judgement continuously until a random event occurs. Warning - your Hero may die so use one you do not like or you can just save the game before the plunge and then load and repeat until you get it.
Building Game From Here... Place 25 Buildings 5
Building Game Eternity Place 100 Buildings 10
Combat Logo.jpg
Combat Game Clever Swordplay Win 100 total sword fights 5 Duels count, sparring doesn't.
Combat Logo.jpg
Combat Kingdom Sovereign Study Train the Spy and Knight with the Monarch 5
Combat Logo.jpg
Combat Sim Carry a Little Stick Win a swordfight with a truly awful sword 5 Use Crude Longsword available from Blacksmith. Duels count, sparring doesn't.
Combat Logo.jpg
Combat Sim Deposed Defeat the Monarch in a swordfight 5 Duels count, sparring doesn't.
Crafting Game Let There Be Rock Discover all minable minerals 15
Crafting Game Herbal Hexplorer Discover all harvestable plants 15
Crafting Kingdom Botanic Boon Gather herbs 50 times 10
Crafting Sim Passion for Poison Have 50 Nightshade in inventory at once 5
Culture Game The Chosen Have every Hero be Chosen by the Watcher 20 Self-interaction available when Culture is at 12. Has a 24 hour recharge time.
Culture Kingdom Watcher's Protection Build Culture at the expense of Security 10 Culture 10 or more, Security 3 or less.
Culture Kingdom Dead Sim Walking Build a large Kingdom with low Well-Being 10
Death Game Graveyard Shift Have 30 Sims pass away in one Kingdom 5 Classed as Game in Achievement Book.
Entertainment Game Poker Face Win 100 games at the Card Table 10 Wins by heroes not involved in a quest still count.
Entertainment Game King of Kingball Win 50 total Kingball matches 10
Entertainment Sim Moral Ambiguity Cheat at cards with a Peteran Priest 5 The cheat option appears when playing at the card table.
Entertainment Sim Underdog Win a Kingball game, worst paddle against best paddle 10 Rookie Paddle vs. Excalipaddle. A level 10 Wizard casting Curse, Miasma, and Terror helps even the odds (you can Mend the Miasma away after the match).
Food and Drink Kingdom Gluttons and Guzzlers Have 5 Gluttons and 5 Drunkards in one Kingdom 10
Food and Drink Sim Plastered Perpetuity Be drunk for 24 hours 10 Maintain the Happy Drunk buff for 24 hours by having another drink when there is less than 1 hour left. After 24 hours, let the buff expire to earn the achievement.
Food and Drink Sim Gruel Hoarder Carry 25 bowls of Gruel with one Sim (Spoiled Gruel Counts) 10 Easy to get during Meat Quest IV.
Heroes Game Help Wanted Complete 500 Responsibilities 10
Heroes Game Legendary! Have 25 Sims acquire Legendary Traits 15
Heroes Kingdom Jack of all Trades Complete 2 responsibilities with every profession 5
Heroes Sim Nick of Time Fulfill a Responsibility with less than 15 mins left 5
Heroes Sim The First Legend Get a Legendary Trait for one Sim 5
Jacoban Priest Logo.jpg
Jacoban Priest Game The Grand Convincer Convert 50 Sims to Jacoban 5
Jacoban Priest Logo.jpg
Jacoban Priest Game Jacob Guide You Complete 30 Quests with the Jacoban Priest 10
Jacoban Priest Logo.jpg
Jacoban Priest Kingdom Just Jacobans Have 9 Jacoban Heroes in one Kingdom 5
Jacoban Priest Logo.jpg
Jacoban Priest Sim Terrifying Watcher Maximize Jacoban Fear 5
Jacoban Priest Logo.jpg
Jacoban Priest Sim Fire and Brimstone Give 20 Jacoban sermons in one Kingdom 10
Kingdom Status Game Start Your Kingdoms Build 12 Reception Halls 5
Kingdom Status Game Crown Renown Acquire 5,000 total Renown 10
Kingdom Status Game RP Spender Spend 2,500 RP 10
Kingdom Status Kingdom Savings Account Save up 300 RP 5
Kingdom Status Kingdom Fistful of Heroes Raise Renown with only a handful of Hero Sims 10 Earn 500 Renown with 5 or fewer buildings, including non-hero buildings like the Kingball Court.
Kingdom Status Kingdom Slush Fund Save up 600 RP 10
Knight Logo.jpg
Knight Game Up All Knight Complete 30 Quests with the Knight 10
Knight Logo.jpg
Knight Kingdom Singles Knight Practice military strategy 25 times solo with a Knight 5
Knight Logo.jpg
Knight Kingdom Crash Test Dummy Train at the Training Dummy for 24 hours 10
Knowledge Kingdom Brains Over Brawn Build Knowledge at the expense of Security 10 Knowledge 10 or more, Security 3 or less
Merchant Logo.jpg
Merchant Game I'm on a Boat! Trade via boat with the Merchant 100 times 10 You need at least an item in the cargo hold to go on a trading voyage. However, trading voyages where no trades take place still count.
Merchant Logo.jpg
Merchant Game Making the Trade Complete 30 Quests with the Merchant 10
Merchant Logo.jpg
Merchant Sim Elven Exploration Acquire the map to Effenmont 5 Buy at Village Shoppe or received during a random event. Any Hero works for this.
Merchant Logo.jpg
Merchant Sim Money Matters Earn 2,500 gold at the Market Stall 10 Can probably get this with Blacksmith too.
Monarch Logo.jpg
Monarch Game Decree Spree Answer 200 Petitions 10 Via Holding Court.
Monarch Logo.jpg
Monarch Game King's Quest Complete 30 Quests with the Monarch 10
Monarch Logo.jpg
Monarch Sim A Sim of the People Maximize the Monarch's Popularity 5 Via Holding Court.
Monarch Logo.jpg
Monarch Sim Max Monarch Get a Monarch to level 10 5
Monarch Logo.jpg
Monarch Sim King of the Bed Woohoo 25 times with the Monarch in one Kingdom 5 The Heir to the Throne quest suggests repeated WooHoo.
Monarch Logo.jpg
Monarch Sim Baby Monarch Rule a vast Kingdom with an amateur Monarch 10 Gain 250 Renown with a Level 1-2 Monarch. *This achievement is currently bugged, it cannot be earned after Fistful of Heroes. Patch 2.0 completely removes this achievement from the game.
Money Game King Bling Acquire 1,000,000 Simoles 20
Money Kingdom Big Spender Spend 15,000 total Simoles 15
Money Sim One Rich Sim Acquire 25,000 Simoles with one Sim 5 Have Merchant buy Poisons from Spy then trade them at Yacothia or import a level 10 Hero to be the Monarch.
Peteran Priest Logo.jpg
Peteran Priest Game Monastic Marshal Convert 50 Sims to Peteran 5
Peteran Priest Logo.jpg
Peteran Priest Game Sweeter Then Peter Complete 30 Quests with the Peteran Priest 10
Peteran Priest Logo.jpg
Peteran Priest Kingdom Pack of Peterans Have 9 Peteran Heroes in one Kingdom 5
Peteran Priest Logo.jpg
Peteran Priest Sim Pretty Popular Maximize Peteran Popularity 5 Repeated Sermons and Evangelizing.
Peteran Priest Logo.jpg
Peteran Priest Sim Lessons of the Watcher Give 20 Peteran sermons in one Kingdom 10
Physician Game The Doctor is IN Diagnose 50 Sims 5
Physician Game Bacon Blues Get gored by a boar 20 times 5 Any Heroes count. Low level Monarchs, Knights and Spies who hunt in the forest will usually fail the hunt.
Physician Game What's Up, Doc? Complete 30 Quests with the Physician 10
Physician Kingdom Frustrated Doc Have a level 10 Physician in an unhealthy Kingdom 10 Level 10 Physician with Well-Being Aspect at 3 or less.
Physician Sim Full Recovery Completely heal a Sim on the operating table 5
Physician Sim Fiddlin' Physician Fiddle 20 times as the Physician in one Kingdom 5
Physician Sim Beneficent Bartender Create 20 healing potions 10
Pit of Judgement Game Feast for the Beast Send 100 Sims to the Pit 5
Pit of Judgement Kingdom Inedible Survive the Pit of Judgement 5 times in one Kingdom 10
Pit of Judgement Sim Leap of Faith Take a trip down Judgement Pit lane 5 Jump into the Pit (your sim can die, save before jumping)
Quests Game Q is for Quest Complete 50 Quests 5
Quests Game Quest Addict Complete 100 Quests 10
Quests Game Prince of Plats Complete 150 Quests with a Platinum Medal 20
Security Kingdom Watcher Who? Build Security at the expense of Culture 10 Security 10 or more, Culture 3 or less.
Socialization Kingdom I Do Have 5 weddings in one Kingdom 10 Have 4 marriages with the monarch and 1 with any other hero

This helps you to get the House of Spouses achievement at the same time.

Socialization Kingdom Mass of Misanthropes Have 10 Misanthropes in one Kingdom 10
Socialization Sim Open Door Policy Make 20 friends with the Monarch 5 Spouses do not count as friends for this achievement. Importing a Hero with the Famous legendary trait makes this easy.
Socialization Sim Love Doctor Have 4 romances at once with the Physician 10
Socialization Sim House of Spouses Marry 4 times with a Monarch 10 Can be completed by annulling a marriage with a sim and marrying them again (3 times).
Spy Game Empty Pockets Pick 75 pockets 10
Spy Game Spy Game Complete 30 Quests with the Spy 10
Spy Sim Greed is Good Steal from the Messenger Post 15 times with the Spy 10 Spy needs to be level 5 to steal funds.
Spy Sim It's Not Pocket Science Gain §120 or more in one pickpocket 15
Stocks Game Eggcellent! Throw 150 eggs at Sims stuck in the stocks 10
Stocks Game Tomato Tosser Throw 150 tomatoes at Sims stuck in the stocks 10
Territories Game You Snooze, You Win Maximize loyalty in Snordwich 10
Territories Game Tree-hugger Maximize loyalty in Effenmont 10
Territories Game Avast Ye Scurvy Dogs! Maximize loyalty in Aarbyville 10
Territories Game Advorton Advantage Maximize loyalty in Advorton 10
Territories Game The Simple Life Maximize loyalty in Burdley 10
Territories Game A Hole in One Maximize loyalty in Crafthole 10
Territories Game Don't Tread on Tredony Maximize loyalty in Tredony 10
Territories Game Ticktop Shape Maximize loyalty in Ticktop 10
Territories Game Love by Proxy Maximize loyalty in Yacothia 10
Territories Game Leader's Digest Maximize loyalty in Gastrobury 10
Territories Game Enough Edicts Propose 100 total Edicts 10
Territories Sim Edict Addict Pass 25 Edicts in one Kingdom 10 Classed as Sim in Achievement Book.
Whale Ate My Parents Kingdom It Was A Big Whale Have 10 Sims in a Kingdom with Whale Ate My Parents trait 10
Whale Ate My Parents Kingdom Thar She Blows! Slay 5 whales in one Kingdom 20
Wizard Game Well Done Cast Inferno 80 times 10 Casting Inferno as a Monarch (when importing a Wizard) does not count towards this achievement.
Wizard Game Wizness Plan Complete 30 Quests with the Wizard 10
Wizard Kingdom Magic en Masse Cast every magic spell 15 All 12 spells from leveling plus Flare, Gale and Beacon of Hope
Wizard Sim Magic Mender Heal 10 Sims with the Mend spell 10
Wizard Sim On Vacation Go 48 hours in a row with Beacon of Hope on 15 Achievement granted when buff expires, cast 2nd spell minutes before the first 24 hours expire.
Wizard Sim Forbidden Magic Have a powerful Wizard in a low-Knowledge Kingdom 15 Level 10 Wizard with Knowledge Aspect staying at 3 or less.

List of Pirates & Nobles Achievements

note: pirate/guildsman - can be dread pirate/guildsman hero 

Icon Category Type Achievement Name Description Reward Notes
Bard logo.jpg
Bard Game Actin' a Fool Hire 20 Pirates to Act 5 Sims only need to be hired, the play doesn't have to take place.

To get this achievement quickly, pause the game and choose to hire a non-pirate, then fill the action queue with hiring a pirate. Unpause the game and accept the first Sim as an actor,who'll walk up on stage. Even though the option to hire an actor will disappear, the actions in your queue will remain there and you'll be able to "hire" the pirate.

Bard logo.jpg
Bard Game Stage Actors Guild Hire 20 Guildsmen to Act 5 Same as above, but with a Guildsman.
Birds Kingdom Flock of Feathers Every Hero has a Bird 10 Heroes only need to have had a bird at some point in your Kingdom. They don't all have to have one at the exact same time.
Birds Game Dive Bomber Attack 100 times with a Bird 10
Birds Game Let's Have Take Out Hunt Successfully with Bird 100 times 5 Can be with either a parrot or a falcon.
Death Game Open Sea Burial Kill 50 Pirates 10
Death Game Union Buster Kill 50 Guildsmen 10
Dread Pirate Kingdom Dread-Full Kingdom Have 5 Dread Pirates in a Kingdom 5
Entertainment Kingdom 1-2-3-Floor Get 5 Pirates Drunk at the Same Time 10 During A Pirate's Life for Me, choose Constitution Evaluation and drinking. Head to the forest clearing and leave 3 full pitchers, then head to the beach and brew on the keg there and serve each pirate there four drinks, alternating between them so the drunk buff doesn't wear off.
Entertainment Kingdom Pinkies in the Air Get 5 Guildsmen Drunk at the Same Time 10 Have a Bard become a Guildsman and marry a Guildsman, then choose the Secrets and Successions quest. After the party is over, everyone will leave the tavern, except for the three merchants. Wait for your spouse to be home, then get the three merchants, the spouse and the Bard drunk.
Entertainment Game Bountiful Booty WooHoo with 50 Pirates 5 Can WooHoo the same pirate repeatedly.
Entertainment Game A Noble Affair WooHoo with 50 Guild Consortium members 5 Can WooHoo the same Guildsman repeatedly.
Entertainment Sim Leave It on the Court Beat a Pirate and Guildsman in a single Kingball match 10
Entertainment Sim Make Love Not War WooHoo a Pirate and Guildsman in a short time 5
Interrogation Chair Game Winning Hearts & Minds Gain 50 Confessions through Persuasion 10
Interrogation Chair Game Inquisitor Gain 50 Confessions through Interrogation 10
Interrogation Chair Game Tickle Me Hero Tickle sims 100 times 5
Jacoban Priest Logo.jpg
Jacoban Priest Game Pretentious Pillagers Convert 25 Pirates to Jacoban religion 10
Jacoban Priest Logo.jpg
Jacoban Priest Game Humbly Superior Convert 25 Guildsmen to Jacoban religion 10
Peteran Priest Logo.jpg
Peteran Priest Game Dastardly Devout Convert 25 Pirates to Peteran religion 10
Peteran Priest Logo.jpg
Peteran Priest Game Riches to Rags Convert 25 Guildsman to Peteran religion 10
Pit of Judgement Game Taking Out the Trash Throw 25 Pirates into the Pit 5 They will often survive, so you can send them multiple times until they die.
Pit of Judgement Game Fine Dining for Griselda Throw 25 Guildsmen into the Pit 5 They will often survive, so you can send them multiple times until they die.
Socialization Sim Dread Pirate Romeo Marry a Guildsman as a Dread Pirate 5 Must earn Dread Pirate trait before marrying a Guildman.
Socialization Sim Slumming It Marry a Pirate with an Entitled Sim 5
Socialization Sim It Won't Last Marry a Guildsman as a Guild Enemy 5
Socialization Kingdom Pirate Polygamy Have 5 Heroes married to Pirates at the same time 10
Socialization Kingdom Noble Nuptuals Have 5 Heroes married to Guildsmen at once 10 The Merchant Prince(ess) of Tredony does not count, nor does a Trader.
Socialization Kingdom Shake 'n Bake Perform 50 Secret Pirate Handshakes in a Kingdom 5
Spy Game Robbin' the Robbers Pick 50 pirate pockets 5 Can be the same Pirate. You don't have to to get any money for it to count.
Spy Game Lord Wall Flower Eavesdrop on 50 Guildsmen 5
Treasure Hunting Game That's The Stuff Fill in 200 Holes you dug up 10
Treasure Hunting Game Pit Fought Survive 20 treasure-hunting encounters with the Pit Beast 10
Treasure Hunting Game Golden Retrieved Dig up 100 treasures 5
Treasure Hunting Game Seeing My X Dig up 50 treasures using a treasure map 5 Most treasure maps can only be used once per Kingdom. The exception is My First Treasure Map, which restocks every day at the Village Shoppe.
Treasure Hunting Game Teach Me How to Dug Dig up 200 holes 5
War Effort Gauge Kingdom Flip Flopper Move War Effort Gauge from one extreme to the other 15 The Plumbob needs to be on top of the Aarbyville/Tredony symbol to count as being on one extreme.

You can get this achievement by siding only with one side until your allegiance is maxed out, then do the Betrayal quest to change allegiance and finally finish the war on your new allies's side, which moves the Plumbob to that side's extreme.

War Effort Gauge Kingdom For Aarbyville End the War on the side of the Pirate fleets 15
War Effort Gauge Kingdom Can't We All Get Along? End the War Neutrally 15
War Effort Gauge Kingdom For Tredony End the War on the side of the Guild Consortium 15
War Effort Gauge Game Big Finisher End the War with each Ending 20
Whale Ate My Parents Game Gone Fishin' Go on 25 successful fishing trips 10 Call of the Sea trait.
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