The Adult lifestage is the third and final lifestage in the game. Sims can not die of old age. It is the only playable life stage available in the game.


Hero sims are always adults. Villagers can also be Adults. Adults have many interactions that children do not, such as using armor and crafting items.The Adult lifestage is the only lifestage you can create in Create a Sim mode, being very different from other Sims games. The Adult lifestage appears in all Sims games. Most of the NPCs in quests are Adults. Adults can also converse about religion, and Peteran and Jacoban priests can only perform their religious duties on other adults. There are some things Adults can't do at all, like being sent to run errands for their parent or using wooden swords in swordfights. They can also cast and be affected by spells by a Wizard.


  •  It is the default lifestage in the game and most Hero and Villager sims are Adults.
  • The adult lifestage has the most options in the game.
  • This is the only lifestage that can perform romantic actions.
  • It is also the only lifestage that can be sent to the Pit of Judgement or stocks.


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