Aging is the process by which sims grow into a different age group. All Sims in The Sims Medieval can be divided into one of three age groups: baby, child, and adult. Like all games in The Sims series, sims do not age gradually, but all at once, jumping to the next stage of their life. Sims in The Sims Medieval can not die of old age, the adult stage is the last stage before death.

Baby to Child

The baby to child transition is the only natural age transition in The Sims Medieval. After a woman ends her short pregnancy, a baby appears and both parents receive the "It's a Boy/Girl" buff. Shortly after the buff expires, the baby will grow up into what could be described as an 8-year-old boy or girl. Parents can talk to their children, and although they have limited conversation options they do have some special abilities. From this stage on, the child will not age with time.

Child to Adult

If a Hero Sim dies, one of their children can grow up to an Adult in order to take their place. The new hero will have the same traits they had as a child; how these traits are determined is unknown. The parent's spouse moves back to their old residence, and takes any children that do not grow up with them. Orphaned children will also move to a new home.

Adult Onward

Although aging stops once a Sim has reached adulthood, it is still possible to adjust the appearance of wrinkles making an adult appear older than others. Adults cannot die of old age, but they can in a variety of unnatural ways.

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