What makes a kingdom great? What raises it from the dungeons of obscurity to the hallowed halls of history? Toil! Put your Sims to work and level them up to reach their full potential.

The main objective of Hard Workers is to have # of hero sims at a certain level, before you run out of the 70 Quest Points (QP).

Rank Name Objective
Platinum Best of the Best Have 10 Sims at Profession Level 10
Gold Professional Mastery Have 10 Sims at Profession Level 8 or above
Silver Good At What I Do Have 10 Sims at Profession Level 5 or above
Bronze No Longer Apprentices Have 5 Sims at Profession Level 5 or above

Tips & Strategy

  • Brave New World quest- bring in a sim from a different world to be this kingdoms Monarch, that sim will keep their level, professional interactions and equipped items.
  • Annexing- annex Aarbyville for a 20% XP increase; annexing Advorton will reduce quest cost, if you're worried about running out of QPs; Effenmont, once annexed, will provide Potion of Energy (similar to Crafthole energy potion, with no crash) to keep your sims gong.
  • Go for Platinum rank on quests, take your time.
  • Pit of Judgement- each successful return from the pit grants 200xp. Save before jumping in, incase death occurs, and repeat.
  • Concentrate on multi-hero Knowledge (for the overflow XP bonus) and Security (for the overflow RP bonus) quests; makes this a great ambition for gaining the 'Dead Sim Walking' and 'Watcher Who?' achievements.
  • This is a great ambition for racking up the "Sim" category of achievements. It also has the highest starting QP, great for going after the Savings Account and Slush Fund achievements
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