Ruling a kingdom is fun, but you know whats more fun? Ruling an empire! It's time to take manifest destiny by the horns and ride it into the outlying territories, expanding your lands as far as you can reach

The main objective of Imperial Domination is to annex as many Foreign Territories as possible before you run out of Quests Points (QP).

Rank Name Objective
Platinum Possessor of All Annex all Foreign Territories
Gold Overlord Annex 6 Foreign Territories
Silver Dominator Annex 4 Foreign Territories
Bronze Usurper Annex 2 Foreign Territories

Tips & Strategy

  • To find two of the eight territories - Gastrobury and Effenmont - you must first send a hero to buy maps to the locations at the Village then send them to the Docks to sail to the regions.
  • Focus on quests that grant a lot of Resource Points, to forge allegiances with the territories as well as build the buildings necessary for heroes and quests. In order to annex all eight free territories, it will cost a total of 70 RP to ally yourself with them and a total of 24 QP to take their annexing quests. The most minimum buildings you'll need for all eight quests are the Barracks, the Cathedral, the Kingball Court, the Market, the Smithy, the Tavern, and Wizard's Tower. You will also need an unmarried Monarch for one of the annexation quests.
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