Just having a wealthy kingdom isn't quite enough. The gap between the haves and have-nots will tear a kingdom apart from within. In this Ambition, you'll try to solve this economic quandary by having every Sim earn enough to live comfortably.

The main objective of Wealthy Populace is to have # of Sims with a certain amount of Simoles ($), before you run out of the 60 Quest Points (QP).

Rank Name Objective
Platinum Spread the Wealth Have 10 Sims with at least 7,500 Simoles
Gold Money, Money, Money Have 8 Sims with at least 6,500 Simoles
Silver Glass Half Wealthy Have 5 Sims with at least 6,500 Simoles
Bronze More than Just a Living Have 5 Sims with at least 5,000 Simoles

Tips & Strategy

  • It can be helpful to Annex Aarbyville for its xp and simole increase on quests; Yacothia, for its daily-income boost; and Advorton, for its quest-cost reduction. The quests for all three of these territories are also multi-sim quests as well.
  • Focus on Knowledge (xp boost) and Well-Being (increased $ quest rewards)
  • Start with quests with high RP rewards in order to get your Hero buildings up without delay.
  • Share the wealth - Wealthy sims can buy expensive objects to transfer to other sims, to sell later
  • Monarch - level 10 Monarchs can set the kingdoms tax low
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