While establishing a site for a new quarry in the foothills, surveyors  unearthed the ruins of an ancient civilization. Heated debate immediately arose around all corners of <Kingdom> over the fate of the dig The scholarly and adventurous desired to plumb its depths, while the conservative saw it as an ill omen. What would be done about this new  discovery?
Ancient Secrets is a Knowledge quest that costs 3 QPs. There is only one approach, Excavate the Ruins, which requires the Wizard as the Primary Hero and the Merchant as the Secondary Hero.


Known Issue - this quest was bugged in that the Merchant will get stuck in the forest when the quest finishes.

  • To work around this bug the Merchant must in a subsequent quest be an active hero (i.e. either Primary or Secondary but not Supporting). Control-Shift-click on the Merchant to bring up a menu (cheats must be enabled), choose "Object" then "Force Reset" to clear the Merchant's action queue. (Note that this won't work on a pregnant Sim.)
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