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A look at the Aspects.

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Neutral Well-Being and Low Security.

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Neutral Culture and High Knowledge.

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Adding capacity to Security by building a Barracks.

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Looking at the reward Aspects of a quest.

Aspects are a gauge of a Kingdom's current state of being. They determine what life is like for Sims in the kingdom and which quests are available. There are four aspects: Well-Being, Security, Culture, and Knowledge. Value in these aspects is earned (and sometimes lost) by doing quests.


When a kingdom first starts, it has a capacity of 2 for each aspect. This means that the kingdom can only hold 2 points in each aspect. To increase the kingdom's capacity in an aspect up to the maximum of 12, Resource Points must be spent to build new buildings. Each building increases the kingdom's aspect capacity differently, in accordance with its purpose (e.g. the Barracks logically provide Security).

Any value earned beyond an aspect's current capacity is lost. An "!" icon in the Quest Book will warn of this possibility. On patch 1.3 and above, after an aspect's capacity has been raised to the maximum any aspect points earned beyond that maximum capacity (aspect overflow) will result in benefits to the kingdom dependent on the aspect.


Each of the four aspects has different effects on the game, based on how high (or low) it is.

  • Well-Being represents the general health, happiness, comfort and wealth of the kingdom. High Well-Being increases the income of all heroes and prevents Sims from getting sick. Low Well-Being results in a poor kingdom where disease runs rampant.
  • Security represents the general safety and stability of the land. A high Security will keep away bandits and burglars as well as lower the cost of goods in the Village Shoppe.
  • Culture represents the kingdom's devotion to the arts and religion. A highly cultured society will have more social options available compared to less cultured populations.
  • Knowledge represents the general education level of the kingdom. A highly knowledgeable kingdom's Sims will gain Experience at increased rates and will randomly receive an "Inspired!" buff.

The quality of each aspect level is relative to the size and renown of the kingdom; a value of 2 in Security is great for a tiny kingdom that's just starting out but terrible for an old and well-established state.

If one or more of the Kingdom's aspects sink too low, the situation will be reflected in the type of available quests. New Low Aspect quests will become available until the aspect is raised.

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