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A Baby is the youngest type of Sim in The Sims Medieval. Babies are born at the end of a pregnancy. When a baby is born, both parents will receive the "It's a Boy/Girl" buff until the baby grows into a child. Babies are not the same as they were in previous Sims games, and the player has fewer interactions available to them.

Caring for a Baby

Unlike other games in The Sims series, babies have only one need; Social. If a baby has not been socialized with in a long time (about 5 hours) he/she will start to cry. A Crying Baby makes it impossible for Sims to sleep and lowers their focus. Any Sim can socialize with the baby, but only children and the baby's parents will do so automatically. In addition, only the baby's mother may feed the baby. There are no social workers in The Sims Medieval, so a neglected baby will not be removed from the household.

There are only two interactions the mother can have with a baby:

  • Feed baby
  • Cuddle baby

The father can only perform one interaction with a baby:

  • Cuddle baby.


Babies are also born with their own bassinet. The type of bassinet used depends on their parent's Hero class.

Type of Bassinet Parent's Class
Lil' Monarch's Monarch, Jacoban Priest
Lil' Guildmaster's Knight, Spy, Physician, Wizard
Lil' Peasant's Bard, Blacksmith, Merchant, Peteran Priest