Buffs are thoughts, emotions, and sensations that medieval Sims can experience. Most buffs affect a Sim's Focus, either positively or negatively, but some buffs have other effects or do nothing. A buff with a negative affect is also known as a "debuff". While some buffs only last for a limited amount of time, other buffs last for as long as the source of the buff is present. (e.g. "Nicely Decorated" for as long as the sim is in that room)

List of Buffs

This is a list of the known (and recorded) buffs in The Sims Medieval.

Note Note
The duration shown in the game is rounded down. Do double check or verify by waiting for the buff to end, or trying to catch the instant the buff starts, when the number shown in the duration will immediately decrease the next instant.


Icon Buff Name Focus Effect Duration Description From Notes
Icon buzzed.png Buzzed +10 4 hrs <Sim> is feeling quite giddy after a few drinks. Let the mirth and frivolity commence! Drinking Will turn into Tipsy buff if drinking continues.
Icon tipsy.png Tipsy +20 1-4 hours It all starts with just a little sip... Drinking Will turn into Happy Drunk if drinking continues.
Icon happy drunk.png Happy Drunk +30 1 to 4 hours Drinking too much has put <Sim> in a merry mood.A little too merry... Drinking
  • Received if you stay drinking after Tipsy.
  • Will turn into Sloshed if drinking continues.
Buff-sad-drunk.png Sad Drunk -10 1 to 4 hours Drinking too much has put <Sim> in a sorry state. Will the misery ever end? Drinking
  • Received if you stay drinking after Tipsy.
  • Will turn into Sloshed if drinking continues.
Icon sloshed.png Sloshed -30 1 to 4 hours Everyone has their limit, and <sim> is now quite beyond that. Better sleep it off, or at least find a safe place to pass out. Drinking Received if Sim drinks way too much!
Icon hangover.png Hangover -15 12 hours Anyone that has had too much to drink the night before knows exactly how this feels... Drinking Received if you drink five or more drinks at night.
Icon crisp ale.png Crisp Ale +20 2 hours Like a clear, sunny day in late autumn... Drinking Bloody Moss Wine.
Icon hint of egg.png Hint of Egg +10 2 hours Was there a hint of egg in that drink? How delightful! Drinking Luffenting Wine. only during Royal Holiday quest
Icon crisp ale.png Luffentastic! +10 2 hours An ale this frothy fills the drinker with a taste of Luffenting and a dash of courage. Drinking Luffenting Ale only during Royal Holiday quest
Icon musty wine.png Musty Wine No effect 4 hours I've had better. Drinking Wine Received from drinking plain wine.
Icon stale ale.png Stale Ale No effect 2 hours Blech! A stale ale. Drinking Received from drinking plain Ale.
Icon mean drunk.png Mean Drunk No effect ?? Drinking too much has put <Sim> in a bad mood. Better stay out of his/her way! Drinking While Mean Drunk, a Sim can start fistfights with anyone, regardless of relationship.
Buff-wine-divine.png Wine Divine +20 4 hours Nectar of the gods! Drinking Hypocras.
Buff-feeling-festive.png Feeling Festive +20 Feeling full of festivity from fine food freshly fixed for frivolity. Drinking Feast Ale.
Buff-clean-ale.png Clean Ale +10 2 hours That's a clean-tasting ale!
Buff-great-wine.png Great Wine +10 4 hours A joy for a palete.
Buff-full-bodied-ale.png Full-Bodied Ale +40 2 hours That's a full-bodied ale. Drinking Honey Mead.
Intrigued.jpg So Close +5 1 hour That recipe was quite tasty, but not quite there. Drinking Luffenting Ale/Wine only during Royal Holiday quest
Buff-groggy.png Groggy -10 1 hour <Sim> is feeling a bit dazed and confused. Better lay off that grog for awhile. Drinking Mystic Grog.
Buff-bad-taste.png Bad Taste -5 1 hour Eating or Drinking some thing that's not quite right leaves a bad taste.

Aspect Specific

Icon Buff Name Focus Effect Duration Game Description From Notes
Befuddled.jpg Befuddled -10 3 hours <sim> is suffering from a lack of edumacation. Low Knowledge Appears occasionally if the knowledge of your kingdom is too low verify-values.
Icon watcher's charity.png Watcher's Charity +25 4, 8, or 16 hours (depends on value of donation) The Watcher smiles upon the kind and generous. Donating §50, §100, or §200 to charity.Random event on the Road to the Village. Requires high Culture to donate.
Buff-inspired.png Inspired +10 6 hours A brilliant flash of insight has inspired <Sim>!
  • High Kingdom Knowledge.
  • Listening to Echo on the well on High Knowledge Kingdom.
  • Random event while scrying.
Randomly occur in Kingdom with high knowledge.
Buff-feeing-unrefined.png Feeling Unrefined -10 6 hours <Sim> is feeling despair due to artistic and spiritual neglect. Low Kingdom Culture. Randomly occur in Kingdom with low culture.
Buff-feeling-refined.png Feeling Refined +25 24 hours Wow what a great kingdom.I feel so immersed in culture here! Very High Kingdom Culture. Automatically given to Heroes on starting of the quest on Culture Aspect Overflowed Kingdom.


Icon Buff Name Focus Effect Duration Game Description From Notes
Icon combat ready.png Combat Ready +10 11 hours <sim> is ready for combat! Training Dummy
Buff Victorious!.png Victorious! +15 12 hours The thrill of victory is always a welcome addition to a Sim's mood.
Debuff Defeat!.png Defeat! -15 6 hours The agony of defeat can really bring a Sim down. Losing a Duel.
Buff-won-a-fistfight.png Won a Fistfight +15 12 hours Float like a pegasus, sting like a wyvern! <Sim> is the greatest! Winning a Fistfight
Buff-lost-a-fistfight.png Lost a Fistfight -10 12 hours Being on the losing end of a fistfight has a way of wrecking your mood. Just maybe. Losing a Fistfight
Buff-punched.png Punched -10 12 hours Sims generally don't like getting punched in the face. Next time, remember to duck! Participating in a Fistfight
Icon passed out.png Passed Out -5 Indefinite <sim> is incapacitated. Lost all stamina in a Duel.
Icon debuff Blinded By Spit.jpg
Blinded By Spit -5 5 minutes So you think you can blind me and sipt in my eye?? During a duel


Icon Buff Name Focus Effect Duration Game Description From Notes
Icon doomed.png Doomed -50 Indefinite The curse of the Doomsword is such that its wielder feels the weight of the world and all that is wrong with it upon them. Having Doomsword drawn.
You Call That Music.png You Call That Music? -5 1 hour That is some awful fiddle playing.I'd rather listen to a dragon snore or a banshee scream than hear one more note. Listening to Bad Fiddlin'
Buff-chinchilla-killer.png Chinchilla Killer! +0 Indefinite Time for some Furry Justice! Equipping Sir Bogia's Folly.
Buff-good-fiddlin.png Now That's Fiddlin! +20 1 hour Sawin' on a fiddle and playin' it hot, now that's some fiddlin' on the spot! Good Fiddlin' or listening to it
Buff-lovely-lute.png Lovely Lute +30 3 hours Melodious tunes strummed by a skillful Lute player can warm the heart and set the mind at ease. Listening to Lute Focus can be vary depends on Lute type and Bard's Level.
Buff-epic-song.png Epic Song +* 3 hours Sometimes a song is performed so masterfully as to leave one greatly inspired and enlighten. Playing Lute Focus can be vary depends on Lute type and Bard's Level.
Buff-wearing-frogga-hat.png Wearing Frogga Hat +10 Indefinite You feel so silly wearing this hat that no talking frog could possibly be scared of you. Wearing Frogga Hat quest The Legend of the Talking Frog
Buff-moustachioed.png Moustachioed +1 Indefinite You are sporting an incredible moustache. Wearing Crab Moustache quest Crab Bandit
Buff-wound-protection.png Wound Protection +5 3 hours <Sim> is protected from injury.Any wound inflicted upon him/her will have its damaging effects migiated. Wearing Knight's Plate
Buff-strength-of-peter.png Strength of Peter +50 Indefinite The ancient power within Angelstalon imbues its user with extreme focus. Having Angel's Talon drawn. This buff will expire once the dueling is over.
Buff-wound-protection.png Magic Goblin Armor +5 Indefinite <Sim> is protected from evil goblin magic. Wearing Goblinsoul Armor quest Goblins!


Icon Buff Name Focus Effect Duration Game Description From Notes
Hungry.jpg Hungry 0 3 hours. Your Sim's a wee bit peckish. The stomach growling isn't far behind. low Hunger Becomes Very Hungry when it wears off.
Very Hungry.jpg Very Hungry -40 12 hours Gnawing hunger isn't a good feeling for Sims. Feed regularly to avoid. Very low Hunger fulfillment. Becomes Starving after it expires.
Starving.jpg Starving -80 21 hours Allowing Sims to starve is quite cruel! Get <Sim> some food immediately to avoid an unnecessary death. No Hunger fulfillment. Sim dies if buff expires.
Bland Meal.jpg Bland Meal -5 6 hours What a thoroughly uninspiring meal. Eating Eating Gruel
Buff-teasteless-treat.png Tasteless Treat No effect 3 hours Tastes kind of like sheep hoves... only worse. Eating Eating Flat Bread
Buff-refreshed.png Refreshed +5 1 hour Cool, clean water is wonderfully revitalizing. Drinking Drinking Well Water
Good Meal.jpg Yummy Meal +5 6 hours What a yummy meal. Eating food with ingredients. Focus/duration might vary depending on meal
Good Meal.jpg Delicious! +15 4 hours Yummy food always hits the spot! Eating a meal from a Creative Cook
Buff-consecrated.png Consecrated +10 2 hours Drinking water consecrated by the Watcher fills the soul to the brim with spiritual fervor. Drinking Drinking Consecrated Well Water.
Buff-holy-water.png Holy Water +10 2 hours Drinking water blessed by The Watcher washes away the day's cares. Drinking Drinking Blessed Well Water.
Buff-unicornocopia.png Palatable Meal +10 12 hours A treat for the palate. Eating Spiced Venison
Buff-unicornocopia.png Delectable Meal +15 6 hours What a delectable meal!
Buff-flavorful-meal.png Flavorful Meal +15 12 hours Very flavorful. Eating Bear Steak - Large
Buff-tasty-treat.png Tasty Treat +20 3 hours That was a fairly tasty treat.
Buff-delightful-meal.png Delightful Meal +20 6 hours Delightful!
Buff-ambrosial-meal.png Ambrosial Meal +25 12 hours Food fit for a king! Eating Master Spiced Vension - Large. Meat Quest IV
File:Buff-unicornocopia.png Whale of a Meal +25 20 - 36 hours That was a whale of a good meal. Eating Whale Stew
Buff-unicornocopia.png Marvelous Meal +30 6 hours Maaaaarvelous! Eating Whale Soup
Cured.png Cured +5 6 hours <Sim> has been cured! It's great to be on the mend. Drinking Drinking Medicated Well Water.
Buff-stuffed.png Stuffed No effect 3 hours <Sim> is stuffed and couldn't possibly eat any more food! Eating with maxed Hunger Sim gains a little weight when stuffed.
Buff-seafood-overload.png Seafood Overload! +10 1 hour The bounty of the sea, happily occupying a large section of <Sim>'s stomach. Boat Random event, Mermaid
Buff-succulent-treat.png Succulent Treat +40 3 hours Yum! Such a succulent treat!
Buff-saccharine-meal.png Saccharine Meal +40 2 hours Almost sickly sweet. Eating Sweet Bear
Buff-divine-meal.png Divine Meal +50 6 hours Divine dining! Eating Master Sweet Porridge Meat Quest IV
Buff-unicornocopia.png Unicornucopia +75 24 hours Endangered flavors that taste so good it must be criminal. Eating Unicornucopia
Buff-delicious-dessert.png Delicious Dessert +60 2 hours What a delicious dessert! Eating Royal Custard.
Buff-heavenly-meal.png Heavenly Meal +80 2 hours That meal was heavenly! Eating Master versions of Apple Pie, Boar Stew & Hunter's Stew Meat Quest IV allows all heroes to unlock master recipes.
Buff-heavenly-meal.png Nourished +10 2 hours Even a simple meal can be nourishing if prepared well. Royal Holiday quest, choose Smortlee, then Feast
Buff-heavenly-meal.png Taste of Smortlee +10 1 hour There's nothing quite as delicious as an authentic Smortlee recipe. Royal Holiday quest, choose Smortlee, then Feast


Icon Buff Name Focus Effect Duration Game Description From Notes
Buff-fatigued.png Fatigued -5 3 hours. Too much physical exertion has left <Sim> exhausted. Overexertion, such as stamina loss from combat.
Aching Back.png Aching Back -15 3 hours Carrying extra Sim around sure is hard on the back! Randomly appears on pregnant Sim.
Buff-first-aid.png First Aid +10 6 hours <Sim> is feeling much better now, thank you! Socialization Getting First Aid from a Physician
Buff-nauseous.png Nauseous -10 1 hour <Sim> is not feeling so good. Random events in the forest or also pregnant Sim Sims may throw up after this buff expires
Buff-woozy.png Woozy -25 2 hours <Sim> is woozy ffrom his/her operation. Losing too much blood on operation table.
Buff-singed.png Singed -10 12 hours Fire burns quickly, but it will burn a Signed Sim even faster, so avoid hot situations. Targeted by Inferno spell
Minor Scratch.jpg Minor Scratch -10 12 hours 'Tis merely a flesh wound. I've had worse!

Treat by visiting the Physician or applying health salves.
Injury in combat and events.
Buff-pixie-sting.png Pixie Sting -10 12 hours

An itchy, irritating, little red pixie sting.Stop scratching it!

Treat by visiting the Physician or applying health salves.

Fail on Random Events by the Forest.
Buff-trampled-by-elves.png Trampled by Elves -10 12 hours Someone got on the wrong side of an elf stampede! Fail on Random Events by the Forest.
Moderate Injury.jpg Moderate Injury -20 12 hours <Sim> got a bit roughed up after that last fight.

Treat by visiting the Physician or applying health salves.
Injury in combat and events. Becomes Minor Scratch after it expires.
Buff-major-laceration.png Major Laceration -30 12 hours Looks like <Sim> came out on the losing side after that latest round of "intense negotiations" Becomes Moderate Injury after buff expires.
Grievously Wounded.jpg Grievously Wounded -40 14 hours Wow. Who would have thought that gaping wounds, massive blunt force trauma, and losing half your blood would put a damper on your spirits? Huh.
Treat by visiting the Physician or applying health salves.
Injury, Animal, Minor.jpg Minorly Mauled -10 12 hours It's just a scratch, really. I've had worse. Failed hunts and events.
Injury, Animal, Minor.jpg Slightly Gored -10 12 hours Sometimes the bacon bites back... Failed hunts and events.
Injury, Animal, Moderate.jpg Moderately Mauled -20 12 hours Hmmm... maybe I really shouldn't be playing 'Tag' with a half-ton bear. Failed hunts and events. Becomes Minorly Mauled after it expires.
Injury, Animal, Moderate.jpg Moderately Gored -20 12 hours They say to take all things in moderation, even wild boar-wrestling. Failed hunts and events. Becomes Slightly Gored after it expires.
Buff-woundus-majorem.png Woundus Majorem -30 12 hours Ow, thatius hurtae! Failed hunts and events.
Buff-minor-magic-wound.png Minor Magic Wound -10 12 hours

Someone's been fighting with a wizard recently...

Treat by visiting the Physician or applying health salves.

Random Event on scrying.
Buff-moderate-magic-wound.png Moderate Magic Wound -20 12 hours

<Sim> is feeling the deleterious effects of being at the business end of a wizard's staff.

Treat by visiting the Physician or applying health salves.

Random Event on scrying. Becomes "Minor Magic Wound" after it expires.
Buff-major-magic-wound.png Major Magic Wound -30 12 hours Magic isn't always pretty. Sometimes it even causes you to bleed profusely.
Treat by visiting the Physician or applying health salves.
Random Event on scrying. Becomes "Moderate Magic Wound" after it expires.
Unicorn Horn Wound.png Unicorn Horn Wound -40 12 hours That's what you get for messing with a unicorn.
Treat by visiting the Physician or applying health salves.
Trying to kill a unicorn in Random Events and fail.
Exposed to Sickness.jpg Exposed to Sickness 0 6 hours Your Sim has been exposed to a sickness! Socializing with an ill Sim. When this buff expires, the Sim will develop a random sickness.
[[]] Laughing Stock -20 12 hours It's no laughing matter when you can't stop laughing. OK, maybe it is. Treat by visiting the Physician or drinking curative tonics. Disease.
Slight Cold.jpg Slight Cold -10 6 hours The infection that once gripped <Sim> is now just a slight cold.
Treat by visiting the Physician or drinking curative tonics.
[[]] Van Winklism <Sim> is infected with Van Winklism. Zzzzzz...
[[]] Whistling Pixies -10 12 hours It's like a bug buzzing around in your sinuses... a very big, mischievous bug... with a magic wand. Disease.
Noxious Infection.jpg Noxious Infection -20 12 hours The disease suffered by <Sim> has turned into a Noxious Infection. Disease Turns into Slight Cold after expiration.
[[]] Twisted Tongues -20 12 hours <Sim> ith inthected with Twithted Tongueth. Disease Turns into "Slight Cold" after expiration.
Gut Rot.png Gut Rot -30 12 hours <Sim> is diseased with Gut Rot. It's just as unpleasant as it sounds. Disease
[[]] Mind Warp -30 12 hours <Sim> is affected by Mind Warp. It's groovy, but NOT in a happening way. Disease Turns into "Noxious Infection" after expiration.
[[]] Burning Loins -30 12 hours <Sim> is suffering from Burning Loins. Canst thou quench the fire in thine own nether regions? Disease Turns into Noxious Infection after expiration.
Virulent Disease.png Virulent Disease -30 12 hours The plague that once consumed <Sim> has become a virulent disease. Disease
Magma Fever.png Magma Fever -40 12 hours <Sim> is burning up from the Magma Fever. The next stage is outright melting. Disease
The Gorge.png The Gorge -40 12 hours <Sim> is suffering the Gorge. No meal is safe! Disease
Poison Pox.png Poison Pox -40 12 hours <Sim> is plagued by Poison Pox. Oh, the scratching! Disease
[[]] Plague -40 12 hours <Sim> has contracted the Plague! Disease Induced by drinking Pestilence Poison.

Icon Buff Name Focus Effect Duration Game Description From Notes
Know Your Audience.jpg Know Your Audience +20 4 hours Giving them what they want is a time-honoured tradition amongst poets and playwrights. Doing a good lute performance.
Buff-good-to-be-king.png Good To Be King/Queen +25 0.5 hours <Sim> feels good being the King/Queen. Being a Monarch with excellent leadership.
Hammer Tyme.jpg Hammer Tyme +5 Indefinite Ye shall not touch this! Hammering metal with the Blacksmith.
Buff-made-a-few-simoles.png Made A Few Simoles +15 12 hours Boy, what a sound!How you love to hear that money clink!That beautiful sound of cold, hard cash! Blacksmith or Merchant selling items from the stall.
Passed an Edict.jpg Passed an Edict +10 12 hours <Sim>'s political savvy has won the day! Passing an edict. Monarch or Spy only.
Winner!.jpg Winner! +10 8 hours Sims never tire of the thrill of victory. Tactics
Prognosticating.jpg Prognosticating +15 3 hours There's a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path... but knowing the path usually helps. Practically applying knowledge.
Recently Performed.jpg Recently Performed 0 1 Hour <Sim> was recently paid for his/her musical talents. He/She'll have to wait a bit before he/she receives full compensation again. Performing with the Bard. Bard will gain less Simoles.
Research Rampage!.jpg Research Rampage! +10 8 hours Knowledge is power, and <Sim> is feeling the power! Researching at an archive for an hour.
Buff-research-rage.png Research Rage! -10 Uggh, my head hurts from too much time spent reading... Can't....concentrate... Researching at an archive or reading books more than 2 hours continuously.
Buff-shifty.png Shifty +20 4 hours <Sim> is feeling pretty sly. Stealing
Buff-watcher-gaze.png The Watcher's Gaze +20 1 to 12 hrs The gaze of the Watcher is upon you. Yes, you! Jacoban Priest Reflecting on The Watcher. Every 30 minutes of Reflecting on The Watcher adds an hour to the duration.
Buff-the-watchers-insight.png The Watcher's Insight 0 Indefinite <Sim> has been granted the insight of The Watcher. Studying the Watcher at an archive for 30 minutes. This buff lasts until the Peteran Priest uses it to make an "inspired" sermon.
The Watcher is Near.jpg The Watcher is Near +10 Indefinite Being in and around this religious building fills your Sim with the presence of The Watcher. Monastery Peteran Priests get this buff while inside the monastery.
The Watcher's Smile.jpg The Watcher's Smile +10 8 Hours <Sim>'s prayer has been acknowledged by The Watcher. Prayer Peteran Priests get this after praying for about 45 minutes. Anyone they pray with will get the buff as well.


Icon Buff Name Focus Effect Duration Game Description From Notes
Buff-clairvoyant.png Clairvoyant +20 5 hours <Sim> has been gifted with a spell of clairvoyance, enhancing his/her senses to near psychic proportions. Making a wish.
Hexed.jpg Hexed -15 6 hours <Sim> is feeling terribly hexed. Witches and warlocks must be afoot! Being the victim of a Golemify spell.
Soulless.jpg Soulless -10 24 hrs An evil curse has striken <Sim>, leaving his/her soul desolate and void. Being the victim of a Spirit Thief spell.
Beacon of Hope.jpg Beacon of Hope +40 24 hrs Powerful arcane magics have given <Sim> a reprieve of all responsibilities. Beacon of Hope spell


Icon Buff Name Focus Effect Duration Game Description From Notes
Adrenaline Rush.jpg Adrenaline Rush +15 3 hours An Adrenaline Rush will keep this Sim pumped and running around everywhere for some time to come!
Buff-alluring.png Alluring +5 4 hours A bit of magic sparkle makes everything look shiny and new,even you. Drinking Elixir of Allure.
Awesome +50 1 day THAT WAS AWESOME! Random event - Battle of Magical Creatures
Comfy.jpg Comfy +10 Indefinite Nothing beats a good seat or soft bed for comfort except perhaps a better one. Using furniture with rank 1 comfiness.
Buff-new-stuff.png New Stuff! 20 2 hours Sims love getting new things for their homes! Buying new furnitures.
Decorated.jpg Decorated +10 Indefinite Sims enjoy well-furnished homes. By the looks of things, this place isn't so bad. Room has objects totalling 10+ Environment points. Larger spaces need more Environment points.
Entertained.jpg Entertained +25 2 hours <Sim> is having quite a good time and is keeping stress down. Having fun. Will turn into Having a Blast if entertainment continues.
Finished a Book.jpg Finished a Book +20 24 hrs Not every book ends with a happily ever after, but hey, I'm just glad I can read! Reading Fully reading a book.
Buff-fresh-breath.png Fresh Breath +10 23 hours Fresh and minty breath! Random events in the forest
Read a Good Book.jpg Read a Good Book +10 12 hours <Sim> found that book very intriguing. Reading from Scholarly trait
Geologist.jpg Geologist +15 2 hours <Sim> has some royally remarkable rock-finding skills! Mining
Buff-got-a-good-deal.png Got a Good Deal +10 8 hours Saving a few Simoles is pure satisfaction! Random Event Village Shoppe random event.
Good Deed.jpg Good Deed +15 4 hours No good deed goes unpunished. Fortunately, your punishment is to be put in a better mood.
Having a Blast.jpg Having a Blast +40 3 hours <Sim> is having so much fun it's almost criminal. Having lots of fun. Will turn into Entertained after it expires.
One With Nature.jpg Herbalist +15 3 hours <Sim> enjoys practicing his/her plant harvesting skills. Collecting plants.
Humiliated by Stocks.jpg Humiliated by Stocks -15* 5 hours* Alas, <Sim> is feeling the humiliation that only a Medieval punishment device can evoke. Being locked in the stocks. Being hit with eggs and tomatoes increases the Focus loss by 5 each time. Duration is indefinite until Sim is released from stocks.
Inspired.jpg Inspired +10 6 hours A brilliant flash of insight has inspired <Sim>! An Inspirational Speech by an Eloquent Sim. Sims in kingdoms with high Knowledge occasionally get this buff.
Intrigued.jpg Intrigued +10
Marked for Arrest!.jpg Marked for Arrest! -5 Indefinite Look out! <Sim> is marked for arrest! That last job didn't go so well, huh? Committing a crime and being noticed. The constable will track down and arrest Sims who get this buff.
Buff-shamed.png Shamed -5 Indefinite <Sim> is ashamed by recent events.
Buff-soaked.png Soaked -5 1 hour <Sim> is wet and uncomfortable. Random event in the forest
Nicely Decorated.jpg Nicely Decorated +25 Indefinite Well-designed décor stands out in a good way and tends to make everyone happier. Nice Environment Room has objects totaling 20+ Environment points.
Buff-beautifully-decorated.png Beautifully Decorated +40 Indefinite Rooms adorned with the most expensive sculptures and paintings improve life dramatically. Room has objects totalling 45+ Environment points. Larger spaces need more Environment points.
Buff-tranquil.png Tranquil +10 7 hours. Nothing can stress or anger Sims who have reached their happy place. Random event in the forest
Buff-very-encouraged.png Very Encouraged +30 6 hours I got a very positive attitude about this! A big wish from a well.
Icon narrow escape.png
Narrow Escape +10 11 hours That was close! Thankfully fortune was on my side! Pit of Judgement / Adventuring / Nightmare
Pit Beast Scent.jpg
Pit Beast Scent -5 5 hours The pit beast has taken a liking to you. Dig at your own risk... Dig for Treasure If sim continues to dig, pit beast may pull you to fight in the Pit.
Buff-uplifted.png Uplifted +35 3 hours. Well that was just what <Sim> needed! Making a wish.
Buff-bit-o-luck.png Bit o' Energy 2 hours The Crafthole Energy Potion: guaranteed to keep you awake for just a bit longer! From drinking the Crafthole Energy Potion. Upon expiry, spawns the Crafthole Crash (-10 focus) buff.
Buff-nauseous.png Crafthole Crash -10 3 hours The Crafthole Energy Potion has worn off, but not the lingering effects of the 'crash'. From drinking the Crafthole Energy Potion when Bit o' Energy buff expires.
Buff-face-hit.png Face Hit! -10 24 hours Nooooo not in the face! Oh cruel Kingball, why must you hurt me so? Getting hit by Kingball.
Buff-a-job-well-done.png A Job Well Done +20 - 65 7 hours Successfully performing one's duties to the kingdom is great feeling Complete responsibility. Focus increase starts at 20, for 1 Responsibility; 15 focus added for each extra responsibility.
Buff-shirked-responsibility.png Shirked Responsibility -20 8 hours Leaving his duty to the kingdom unfulfilled is putting a damper on <Sim> mood. Fail on fulfilling responsibility in time. Stacks with itself, if several jobs expire before this debuff expires. Duration is reset to 9 hours, after first fail.
Buff-whale-slain.png Whale Slain +30 10 hours One murderous whale has been slain this day in the name of vengeance. Successfully on Whale hunting.
Buff-churdle-power.png Churdle Power! +50 3 hours Churdle was RIGHT!<Sim> is feeling incredible, with overflowing power! Given by the red bottle of Churdle's Potion, obtained via random event on the road to the Village Shoppe.
Buff-churdle-pain.png Churdle Pain! -50 3 hours Curse you,Churdle!<Sim> feels rot and decay spreading through his body! Given by the green bottle of Churdle's Potion, obtained via random event on the road to the Village Shoppe.
Buff-relaxing-stroll.png Relaxing Stroll +15 7 hours A nice walk at a comfortable pace and a breath of fresh air is just what I needed! Being Alone Take a stroll in the Forest
Buff-drunk-me-not.png Drunk-Me-Not +30 16 hours A few sips of a magical Drunk-Me-Not potion are all a Sim needs to handle any alcohol-related problem.And it tastes great to boot! Drinking Drunk-Me-Not potion.
Buff-truth-teller.png Truth Teller No Effect Indefinite Honest to a fault, <Sim> cannot help but tell the truth. Drinking Truth Tonic.

Can be removed by Ctrl+Clicking icon.(TestingCheatsEnabled)

Buff-strength-of-the-forgotten.png Strength of the Forgotten +20 3 hours <Sim> is imbued with the strength of the Army of the Forgotten.No retreat! Drinking Call of the Forgotten potion.
Buff-scared.png Scared -25 2 hours Scaredy-cats are scared of pretty much everything, but they really show it when their life flashes before their eyes. Random event by the cave.
Buff-working-hard.png Working Hard +20 Working Hard
Buff-joyful.png Joyful +15 3 hours <Sim> is feeling joyful from recent events. Random Event
Buff-restored.png Restored +5 The refreshed feeling that comes after guzzling down a whole bunch of herbal tonic.

Object interactions

Icon Buff Name Focus Effect Duration Game Description From Notes
Bathed!.jpg Bathed! +10 to +25 9 hours Experience the clean sensation of practicing personal hygiene! Bathing
  • Focus dependent on bathtub quality
  • Unkempt Sims don't experience this buff (but make up for it)...
Buff-clean.png Clean +5 4 hours It feels good being less dirty and smelly than normal. Wash Basin Unkempt Sims don't experience this buff (but make up for it)...
Relieved.jpg Relieved +5 3 hours Using a chamberpot. Using a chamberpot.
Buff-captivated.png Captivated +20 6 hours A magic spell is holding <Sim> captivated! A big wish from a well.
Spirited.jpg Spirited +20 3 hours <Sim> is in a right jolly spirited mood! Making a Wish Wish granted at a Well
Buff-oddly-powerful.png Oddly Powerful +15 5 hours Strange...this feeling... Is this...power?! Making a wish.
Buff-attractive.png Attractive +10 5 hours When a Sim looks this good, it's difficult for others not to notice. Wowza! Gussying up in a mirror or a small wish from a well.
Buff-encouraged.png Encouraged +10 6 hours A little encouragement goes a long way! Making a Wish.
Fed The Beast.jpg Fed The Beast +5 23 hours Music may soothe the savage beast, but everyone knows the way to a horrifying pit monster's heart is through the stomach. Feeding the Beast in the Pit of Judgement.
Icon warmed.png Warmed +10 45 minutes There is nothing like the feeling of a warm flame to make a Sim happy. Warming hands at fires.
Buff-enjoying-music.png Enjoying Music +10 It's hard not to enjoy a beat this solid. Listening to Music Box. This buff will expires at the moment you leave music box.

Quest performance Related

Icon Buff Name Focus Effect Duration Game Description From Notes
Falling Behind on Quest.jpg Falling Behind on Quest 0 8 hours Better get moving on those Quest tasks or Performance will suffer! Spending too long without completing a quest objective Turns into 'Behind on Quest' when it expires. Disappears when an objective is complete.
Behind on Quest.jpg Behind on Quest 0 16 hours Quest Performance is taking a hit because <Sim> isn't making much progress on his/her Quest. Spending way too long without completing a quest objective Turns into 'Falling Behind on Quest' if an objective is complete.
Dangerously Behind on Quest.jpg Dangerously Behind on Quest 0 Indefinite Quest Performance is taking a nose-dive due to <Sim>'s utter lack of progress on his/her Quest. Spending way way too long without completing a quest objective Quest Performance will begin to rapidly fall, regardless of Focus. Turns into 'Behind on Quest' if an objective is complete.
Very Focused.jpg Very Focused 0 Indefinite <Sim>'s high Focus is having great effect on Quest Performance! Focus Indicates a large bonus to Quest Performance due to focus level.
Focused.jpg Focused 0 Indefinite <Sims>'s moderately high focus is having a positive impact on Quest Performance! Positive quest focus.
Icon slightly focused.png Slightly Focused No effect Indefinite <sim> mildly high Focus is having a small positive effect on Quest Performance. Little positive focus. Indicates a slight bonus to Quest Performance over time due to focus level.
Slighty Unfocused.jpg Slightly Unfocused No effect Indefinite <sim> mildly low Focus is having a small negative effect on Quest Performance. Little negative focus. Indicates a slight decline to Quest Performance over time due to focus level.

Quest Specific

Icon Buff Name Focus Effect Duration Game Description From Notes
Buff-adrenalized.png Adrenalized +40 2 hours Nothing adds zest to your day like a got shot of frog adrenaline! Injecting Frog Adrenaline by Physician,Tournament of Honor quest.
Feeling Weird.jpg Feeling Weird -5 0.5 hours Feeling strange after eating a loaf of moldy bread is no surprise, but this is somehow different than expected. Drinking the Potion of Lucid Dreams in the Sleepless in Snordwich quest.
Buff-feeling-fertile.png Feeling Fertile +20 Indefinite <Sim> is feeling extra fertile from having consumed a rare bottle of fertility wine. Drinking Ye Olde Fertility Wine (Pomegranate-flavored) in Heir to the Throne quest.
Hallucinating.jpg Hallucinating +10 Indefinite Strange things are afoot for <Sim>. Taking the moldy bread in The Rise of a Playwright's Hard Work approach. Disappears after taking a spirit journey in the forest.
Buff-energized.png Energized +40 1 hour A rush of energy makes every activity easier... and more fun! Alacrity spell, available on Tournament of Honor quest only.
Buff-enduring.png Enduring +40 1 hour Magical means can improve anyone's resistance to Kingball-inflicted damage! Endurance spell, available on Tournament of Honor quest only.
Intrigued.jpg Inspired by Injury +60 24 hours Facing one's mortality gives a new perspective on life. Being mauled by the bear in The Rise of a Playwright - Hard Work approach.
Buff-unknown-sickness.png Unknown Sickness -5 Indefinite I don't know why I feel this way... The Mirthful Love Doctor quest. Turns into Love Sick.
Buff-love-sick.png Love Sick -10 Indefinite This deep sensation of longing and misery is... love sickness. The Mirthful Love Doctor quest.
Buff-chinchilla-mind.png Chinchilla Mind +0 Indefinite The mind of a chinchilla is complex and full of twisted passages. But not to you! Eating Chinchilla in Evolution of Chinchilla , Chinchilla of The Watcher approach.
Buff-stressed.png Stressed -5 Indefinite <Sim> is feeling a little stressed by recent events. After talking to the monarch, The Blacksmith's Apprentice Quest.
Buff-relieved.png Relieved +5 Indefinite <Sim> is feeling a little relieved by recent events. After acquiring aprrentice , The Blacksmith's Apprentice Quest
Buff-foolish.png Foolish No Effect Indefinite <Sim> is feeling very foolish! Foooooolish! After equipping Jester's Contume, Foolishness Quest.
Buff-royal-antidote.png Royal Antidote +10 96 hours <Sim> is immune to Royal Poison while this is in his system. Drinking Royal Antidote in Royal Assassination quest, The Monarch's Medicine approach.
Buff-royal-poison.png Royal Poison -10 95 hours <Sim> is doped up with the Royal Poison, ready to use against the 'Monarch'. Drinking Royal Poison, Royal Assassination Quest, The Monarch's Medicine approach.
Icon buff Spooky.jpg
Spooky No Effect <Sim> is wearing a ghost costume. OooooooOOOOOOoooo! while Ghost costume is equipped from quest Dangerous Minds
Icon buff Ancient Sea Strength.jpg
Ancient Sea Strength +100 2 hours The fury and power of the sea courses through <sim>'s veins. Drinking Legendary Elixir of Sea Strength End the War: Gut the Guild - The Final Assault (P&N quest)
One With Nature.jpg Spirit of the Hunter +5 Strong as a bear, tenacious as a boar, and swift as a deer!
Buff-wound-protection.png Spirit Sanctification +10 <Sim> is empowered by the spirits of the land, able to overcome all evil! Priest Sinister Sorcerer quest

Trait Specific

Icon Buff Name Focus Effect Duration Game Description From Notes
Afraid of the Dark.png Afraid of the Dark -20 Indefinite Heading inside or finding a bit of sunlight will take care of this cowardly affliction. Cowardly Sims being outside at night
Blinded by Hubris.jpg Blinded by Hubris -10 5 hours I am the greatest! The best around! Having Hubris Appears occasionally.
Buff-bloodthirst-quenced.png Bloodthirst Quenched +5 5 hours Bloodthirsty Sims love a fight! Being Bloodthirsty , then has a Fistfight / Sword Fight
Can't Sleep.jpg Can't Sleep -5 3 hours Ugh, I just can't sleep no matter how hard I try. From Insomniac fatal flaw. Appears occasionally. Until the buff expires, the Insomniac can't sleep or nap, regardless of Energy levels.
Buff-charitable.png Charitable +15 18 hours It feels great to help out other Sims, especially when they are in need. Being Good and donating §200 to the poor.
Debuff Cursed.jpg Cursed -10 16 hours <Sim> woke up on the cursed side of the bed this morning. Don't expect things to go well today!
  • Being Cursed.
  • Randomly Event by the Forest.
  • Curse Spell.
Appears randomly upon waking.
Buff-dry-spell.png Dry Spell -20 Indefinite Licentious Sims more acutely feel the effects of not having kissed or Woohoo'd in awhile. Time to get <Sim> some action! Licentious Fatal Flaw.
Enjoying Solitude.jpg Enjoying Solitude +15 Indefinite Introverted Sims like it best at times when others completely and utterly stay away. Solitary Sims being alone.
Buff-i-can-do-it-on-my-own.png I Can Do It On My Own! +10 Indefinite I can handle this Quest myself, no problem. Solitary Sims being alone. Appears on Solitary Sims on single-hero quest.
Excited.jpg Excited +15 Excitable Sims tend to get, well, excited. Being Excitable Appears occasionally.
Buff-fiendishly-delight.png Fiendishly Delighted +15 6 hours Sims of the Evil persuasion take pleasure in the misfortune of others. Being Evil and seeing misfortune.
Buff-gambling-itch.png Gambling Itch -15 Indefinite <Sim>'s got an itch, and only gambling can scratch it. Place your bets! Compulsive Gambler Fatal Flaw Appears after not gambling for 9 to 12 hours. Disappears after playing a game of cards or making a bet.
Gave Good Advice.jpg Gave Good Advice +15 4 hours Sharing wisdom is always a pleasure! Being Wise and Imparting Wisdom
38x38px Guilty Conscience -10 12 hours <Sim> feels guilty from his unchivalrous conduct. Stray not from your beloved! from Chivalrous trait.
Buff-hates-people.png Hates People -15 2 hours Misanthropes just plain hate people, especially simualted people, and even more so after being forced to listen to their inane chatter about their silly little simualted lives. Being Misanthrope and socialize to non-friend sims.
Home is Where the Heart is.jpg Home is Where the Heart is +15 10 hours <Sim> is feeling the warm love of home and hearth. Loving Family and 'Sharing the Love.' Both the trait-having Sim and the target of the interaction get this buff.
Buff-i-am-beautiful.png I Am Beautiful +10 6 hours Recognizing beauty, even one's own, is just a benefit of vanity. Admiring Self Vain trait.
Buff-life-is-so-fun.png Life Is So Fun +50 3 hours* Life really is quite fun, if you know where to look! Being Fun-Loving and do some fun activity. Gained by doing fun interaction while having Entertained buff. Duration depends on time spent on the action, can stack up to 3 hours.
Buff-looking-for-a-fight.png Looking For A Fight -15 Indefinite <Sim> is looking for a fight! Being Bloodthirsty
Lonely.jpg Lonely -15 Indefinite Communication is a must for Sims. A quick chat will fix things right away. Being Insecure and not socializing. Seems to appear and disappear based on a hidden 'Social' need.
Buff-makin-money.png Makin' Money +15 12 hrs Greedy Sims love making money! Greedy trait
Buff-morose.png Morose -15 16 hours Things are looking pretty bleak today for <Sim>. Being Morose
Nervous Wreck.jpg Nervous Wreck -10 5 hours It's like watching a train wreck in progress, but instead of a train, it's a medieval Sim... because, you know, they didn't have trains back then. Being Insecure Occasionally received upon waking up.
One With Nature.jpg One With Nature +20 Indefinite Outdoorsmen find themselves quite happy when not tucked away indoors. Being Earthy and Outside
Buff-pent-up-anger.png Pent-Up Anger -20 Indefinite Must... find... victim... to vent upon! Being Cruel Appears occasionally.
Remember Parents.jpg Remember Parents +30 12 hours I remember now, just like it was yesterday. Those were good times! Thanks, Mom and Dad. Hopeful Orphan reading a letter from their parents.
Buff-savoring-the-stench.png Savoring the Stench +10 Indefinite Some Sims actually like it when they haven't bathed in awhile. It gives them a natural "aura" that is quite... palpable. Unkempt Appears after Unkempt Sim hasn't bathed in awhile. Disappears if the Sim bathes.
Buff-sore.png Sore -10 6 hours Uggh, all this physical exertion is taking a toll on my body.
  • Randomly happens on Puny Sim.
  • Random events in the Forest.
Too Many People.jpg Too Many People -10 Indefinite. Certain Sims may not feel to comfortable around large groups. Being Solitary and in a room with 3 or more other Sims.
What a Great Adventure.png What a Great Adventure! +20 11 hours. There's nothing like a great adventure to make you feel alive and having fun! Being Adventurous and going on an adventure. After going on an adventure from forest path or boat.
Buff-no-adventure-this-time.png No Adventure this Time -10 3 hours Well, that wasn't very exciting at all. Being Adevnturous and fail on going on adventure.
Whale Rage.jpg Whale Rage -10 Indefinite I'll get you, you accursed whale! I'll chase you 'round perdition's flames if I have to! Vengeance will be mine! (Whoa, <Sim> better Scream at the Sea, or go on a Whale Hunt!) Whale Ate My Parents trait Appears occasionally. Disappears after "Screaming at the Sea" or going on a Whale Hunt.
Buff-whale-rage-satiated.png Whale Rage Satiated +15 6 hours Getting all you rage out leaves you with peaceful feeling... for a while, at least. Whale Ate My Parents,after Screaming at the Sea or successfully on Whale Hunt
Buff-whale-got-away.png Whale Got Away -5 6 hours Vengeance thwarted always leaves a bitter taste. Whale Ate My Parents,after fail on Whale Hunt
Buff-need-a-drink.png Need a Drink -15 Indefenite <Sim> needs a drink,badly! Being Drunkard Disappear after drinking alcohols.
Buff-fascinated.png Fascinated +15 2 hours Some Sims take joy in things ordinary Sims might otherwise overlooked. Scholarly Examination Being Scholarly,then examining objects
Buff-brightened-day.png Brightened Day +10 3 hours Good Sims know exactly what to say to make someone's day better. Being Good Sims.
File:Icon_Sea_Legs.jpg Sea Legs +15 10 hours Oh the joys of being at sea are without rival! Call of the Sea trait. From going on boat trips.
File:Feels_Like_a_Landlubber.jpg Feels Like a Landlubber -10 Indefinetly The sea calls to me. It has been so long, I cannot stand another moment on dry land. Call of the Sea trait. From lack of boat trips.
Disgusted by Premises.jpg Disgusted by Premises -10 Indefinitely This place needs to be classed up a bit. Entitled trait
Enjoying the Finer Things.jpg Enjoying the Finer Things +15 Indefinite This is the life! Entitled trait.
Buff-herculean-strength.png Hurculean Strength +30 Indefenite Winning fights is easier when you're as strong as an ox! Being Herculean and dueling. Legendary Trait
Buff-emboldened.png Emboldened +10 Indefinite It's inspiring to quest in a kingdom where a natural leader resides. Joining quest with Natural Leader Sim. Legendary Trait


Icon Buff Name Focus Effect Duration Game Description From Notes
First Kiss.jpg First Kiss +40 24 hours A Sim's first kiss can leave them glowing for a long time. Socialization
Buff-rejected-first-kiss.png Rejected First Kiss -10 6 hours It's sad when a Sim gets rejected for a first kiss. Very sad. A rejected Sim needs time to cool off before their social skills will be back on track. Being rejected on first kiss.
First Romance.jpg First Romance +50 72 hours Love has bloomed for the first time. Could this be the real thing? Socialization
Buff-just-married.png Just Married +50 48 hours Sims always enjoy the joyful period following the marriage. Let's just hope the love lasts... Marrying.
Buff-heart-broken.png Heart Broken -50 48 hours A broken heart is an affliction only time and tears can heal. Witnessing death of the lover.
Buff-my-better-half.png My Better Half +10 Indefinite What would I be without you? Having a spouse.
My Love! +20 Indefinite Sims in love swoon and flutter about like fools oblivious to the world around them. Having a lover.
Buff-pregnant.png Pregnant +20 Indefinite The wonder of creating new life makes pregnancy an exciting time for most Sims. Randomly after woohooing.
Buff-its-a-girl.png It's a Girl +80 24 hours Gurgling baby girls are delightful additions to any family! Having a daughter.
Buff-its-a-boy.png It's a Boy +80 24 hours Bouncing baby boys are delightful additions to any family! Having a son.
Buff-smells-like-a-baby.png Smells Like a Baby +10 5 hours Everyone loves that new-Sim smell! Cuddling with baby girl.
Buff-smooth-as-a-babys-bottom.png Smooth as a Baby's Bottom! +15 3 hours So soft and cuddly warm! Cuddling with baby boy.
Buff-crying-baby.png Crying Baby -40 3 hours If the baby can't be quieted, it's best to get as far away as possible. Being near crying baby.
Buff-played-with-a-child.png Played with Child +10 6 hours Playing with kids is always fun. Socializing with your son or daughter.


Icon Buff Name Focus Effect Duration Game Description From Notes
Carefree.jpg Carefree +10 3 Hours Lack of Faith Occurs randomly in Agnostic Sims.
Jacob's Inspiration.jpg Compelling Sermon +10 24 hours <Sim> has watched a compelling sermon and now is a believer! Being Agnostic and listening to a sermon. Sim converts to the priest's faith if this buff happens.
Feeling Superior.jpg Feeling Superior +10 4 hours You're the best around! Interacting with a non-Jacoban Only Jacobans get this buff.
Enemy!.jpg Jacoban Enemy -10 4 hours <Sim> is now an enemy of the Jacoban Faith for her actions. Offending the Jacoban church, such as by tearing down a proclamation. This buff doesn't seem to affect interaction with Jacobans, even the priest.
Jacob's Inspiration.jpg Jacob's Inspiration +20 12 hours A sermon that good would make Jacob proud! Being Jacoban and listening to a Jacoban sermon. Focus effect is based on priest's skill.
Buff-peteran-pride.png Peteran Pride +10 6 hours Ha! Take that, Jacobans! Tearing down a proclamation. Only Peterans receive this buff.
Icon protection of the watcher.png Protection of The Watcher +5 24 hours It's great to be protected by The Watcher! Bestowed by a Jacoban Priest using Watcher's Touch.
Searching.jpg Searching -10 3 Hours Lack of Faith Occurs randomly in Agnostic Sims.
Buff-the-chosen-one.png The Chosen One +25 6 hours Behold, for <Sim> has been Chosen! All shall love him/her and despair! Using the Chosen by the Watcher self-interaction.
Absolved.jpg The Watcher's Absolution +10 9 hours <Sim> has been absolved in the merciful eyes of The Watcher. All is forgiven! Being Jacoban and being absolved. Absolution are bought from Jacoban priests for §50.
Buff-the-watchers-favor.png The Watcher's Favor 0 Indefinite To be in The Watcher's good graces is to be truly blessed, and fortune will smile on those in the direst need. Bestowed by a Peteran Priest.
BlindedbyWatcher.jpg Blinded by the Watcher -10 Revved up by a Deus, another Watcher in the night. Chosen by the Watcher


Icon Buff Name Focus Effect Duration Game Description From Notes
Icon sleepy.png Sleepy No effect 2 hours Get <sim> to bed soon, to avoid the wrath of the truly tired. Low Energy Becomes Tired after it expires.
Tired.jpg Tired -30 3 hours When Sims get too tired, their mood begins to go south. Very low Energy Becomes 'Exhausted' after it expires.
Exhausted.jpg Exhausted -50 Indefinite At this level of sleep deprivation, even the floor looks like a good bed to this Sim. No Energy Exhausted Sims will randomly pass out.
Had a Nice Nap.jpg Had a Nice Nap +10 5 hours Having a great, refreshing nap may be just enough to hold back the onset of sleep. Finishing a nap
Icon nightmare.png Nightmare! -10 8 hours Yikes, I hope I don't have that dream again! Random event while sleeping
Pipe Dream.jpg Pipe Dream +10 12 hours Wow, what a great dream that was! Random Event while sleeping.
Buff-well-rested.png Well Rested +5 to +25 10 hours It's easy to wake up on the right side of the bed when you get plenty of time in the bed. Full Energy from sleeping. Focus effect depends on quality of bed.
Buff-bad-nights-sleep.png Bad Night's Sleep -15 6 hours Sleeping on a cheap bed would make any Sim grumpy. Being woken up too soon.


Icon Buff Name Focus Effect Duration Game Description From Notes
Appalled.jpg Appalled -10 3 hours Talking to an Uncouth Sim.
Creeped Out.jpg Creeped Out -10 Ewww! That was so creepy!
Dazzled.jpg Dazzled +15 4 hours Something has clearly made an impression on you! Making a Wish.
Enemy!.jpg Enemy! -10 Indefinite The presence of garbage would be preferred to that of a hated enemy! Being around an enemy Sim.
Buff-heartened.png Heartened +10 Your friend's unflagging support and faith in your endeavors is the best natural high.
Buff-heard-a-good-joke.png Heard A Good Joke +10* 3 hours I'll have to remember that one! Listening to Funny social interactions This buff can be stacked up to +30 focus.
Buff-hilarious-conversation.png Hilarious Conversation +10 4 hours Some Sims should be court jesters with the humour they're dishing out! Doing enough Funny social interactions.
Humiliated.jpg Humiliated -15 2 hours Humiliation tends to rear its ugly head just behind the heap of insulting comments. Being insulted, being yelled at
New Friend.jpg New Friend +20 12 hrs Meeting someone new and hitting it off well enough to call them a friend is spiffy! Socialization Making a Friend
Buff-lost-a-friend.png Lost A Friend -25 24 hours Oh no,you've lost a friend! Relationships have their ups and downs,but surely there's something you can do to patch things up. Losing a friend.
Buff-cheered-up.png Cheered Up +15 2 hours Gobs of sobs are stopped by the kind words of others. Random Events
Buff-comforted.png Comforted +15 3 hours A quick cry on the shoulder helps the sadness go away. Using cry on shoulder interaction.
Buff-poetry-to-my-ears.png Poetry to My Ears +10 8 hours Good poetry can kindle one's imagination and stir the soul. Listening to Bard's poem.
Buff-mourning.png Mourning -50 24 hours A death of the loved one affects those closets to them. Witnessing death of a friend or greater relationship Sim.
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