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All games have problems, so does The Sims Medieval. After looking through various forums and help sites, it has become clear that The Sims Medieval may have some major ones. This page will be dedicated to showing users what bugs have been found and possible ways to deal with them.

If you have encountered a bug, please give us as much information as possible on this page.

General Bugs

  • Pregnant Sims may get a responsibility to swordfight, if they have a relevant class. However, pregnant Sims cannot engage in such risky activities.
  • Unkempt Sims can normally eat spoiled food, but can't eat large versions of spoiled food.
  • Rare bushes and ores, such as Belladonna bushes and Azurite ores, occasionally seem to stop working at some point. The message "No interactions available" is displayed when the cursor is placed on them.
  • Sims occasionally get stuck, just standing and doing nothing, and all interactions with them will queue without executing.
    • Fix: With Testingcheatsenabled, control-shift-click on the stuck Sim, select "object..." and one of the "Reset" options.
    • This may not work for everyone
      • This fix doesn't work on pregnant Sims who are stuck, because "Have Baby" automatically queues rapidly and disables saving or other interactions.
  • Playing with a certain version of sims medieval will cause the game to crash when you place more than four buildings.
  • On rare occasions, class-specific actions disappear altogether. For a Spy, for example, the "Spy" tree of interactions is not there when clicking other Sims, so the Spy cannot Pickpocket or perform any other Spy actions.
  • The annexation quest for some territories will sometimes not appear, even after forming an alliance.
  • When pregnant, some sims may turn into another image i.e hairstyle, hair color, skin color etc.
  • When on free play, whether playing a Monarch, Spy, or Knight, some specific sims can not be killed by dueling or be poisoned (the text says "This sim is too important in this quest to be killed right now") though you are not doing a quest. Also this sim can not be killed in the pit of judgement either. [Not a bug as Free Play is entered as a quest even though it does not have a goal.]
  • On rare occasions, screen will stucked in "Processing" after building a building.
  • Sometimes after one updates the game (patch) when creating a new game, one may get stuck on the "name your kingdom" part. You can click ok but it does nothing, although you can go back to the menu.

Quest Bugs

Some specific quests have glitches.

  • Ancient Secrets: The merchant will become stuck in the forest at the end of this quest and requires using a testing cheat to reset in a following quest where the merchant is an active hero.
  • Jacoban's Day Out 2: A Pilgrimsaster: When using the "Sacrifice" approach, a quest task is to "Make Your Opening Statement." This involves using an Evangelism Platform, but this is a Peteran object that Jacobans cannot interact with. [Fixed in patch 2.0]
  • Meat Quest IV: If you choose the option to use the executioners meat, your next task will be to give the executioners meat to chef. You will walk up to the chef and then both of you will walk away, never having given him the meat. This will happen no matter how many times you try to give him/her the meat. [confirmed; still bugged in April 2018]
  • New Gangs of Aarbyville: The (nearly) last task in the "Assassinate" version of this quest, which requires the Spy or Monarch to challenge the Aarbyville diplomat (Pirate King/Queen) to a duel, will sometimes not register.
  • New Gangs of Aarbyville:In the approach "Invade", when the Knight gives the 'Order to March' to the first Leader, the quest objective icons disappeared for both heroes. To fix, save, exit to Main Menu and reload the kingdom.
  • Seven Mechanical Arts: When reaching the final stage of the Seven Mechanical Arts quest with the blacksmith, one or more badges are missing and you are unable to complete the quest. This seems to happen only when if at any time during the quest, you click on one of the badges in your inventory (whether to attempt to place it somewhere or accidentally). Close your inventory and then re-open it: the badge is now gone, and because you have already created it, you cannot create another.
  • Turncoats --> High Society Piracy: The constable is no where to be found. So the pirate does not go to stocks. And the knight can not throw egg at her.
  • War Games: While not a quest-related bug, after dueling the Lord and the Guru, the relationships from the Knight to the Maiden (after duel with Lord) and to the Monarch (after duel with Guru) are reset to "Acquaintances", giving the negative debuff "Lost a friend" if the knight has a good relationship to these persons. Also occasionally, the squire does not return from the village if he is the one who has to take the equipment for the knight.
  • A Pirates Life For Me: After chosing the smelly cave challenge, your sim will enter for a while but then claim they are unable to stand the stench but they get an idea. Instead of the quest continuing it just disappeares and you are no longer able to finish the quest. Saving, quiting and reloading the game might fix this glitch.

Strihe Fix: exit from Live Mode to Kingdom Mode. This should set the blank quest objective to its usual objective of going to town and buying stinky cheese, then catching a herring.

  • The Beast Must Diet: At the very end of the quest you will be asked to "Wait for Reginald's Execution." The executioner takes a long time to come for Reginald, and sometimes won't come at all. This is due to an overlooked malfunction in the Constable's AI. During this quest, the Constable is forced to repeatedly execute a group of Sims. At this step, Reginald is added to the 'To be Executed' list (unseen in-game); however, he is not prioritized over the other Sims in the group, and the other Sims in the group are not removed. As a result, the Constable will only come to execute Reginald when he is selected for execution, either randomly or if he is the last person in the group.

Fix: Enable testing cheats, shift click the constable and reset his actions till he executes someone. Continue to do this every time he gets stuck.

When asked to choose which type of meat to stop feeding Griselda, clicking on the question mark the options will not pop up. I have tried completeing daily tasks, waiting a day in Sim time, reloading game, even abandoning the quest and choosing a different approach with different heros, it still seems to get stuck when having to choose an option.

Backup savegame

Due to the existence of quite a few game-killing bugs which are not fixable at the moment, it is highly recommended that you backed up your savegame into multiple files.

Your save games are kept in the following place by default:

  • On Windows 7, look for "C:\Users\(User Name)\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims Medieval\Saves"

Your save game will be in the folder "(Kingdom Name).tsm" where (Kingdom Name) is the string you input when you first save your kingdom. When you save your game, if there is an existing savegame of the same name, it will be renamed to "(Kingdom Name).tsm.backup", while the original backup folder will then be deleted.

To backup your savegame, simply make a copy of the "(Kingdom Name).tsm". It is recommended that you use an archive program, like Zip or Rar to backup the folder to a different name (I used a running number) every time.

To restore a savegame, simply delete (or rename) "(Kingdom Name).tsm", then rename (or un-compress if you use archive) the backed up savegame to the folder name "(Kingdom Name).tsm". Then Inside the game, load the savegame by kingdom name from the Ambition screen.

You can backup the game at any time the game isn't saving, by simply alt-tab (in Windows) to access the file explorer.


As the game loads there are screens randomly showing each Hero class, but the Wizard never comes up.

It has been reported that when ending an ambition occasionally the rank given is lower than the rank that should be given.

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