Buildings are non-changeable features of the Kingdom that provide Hero Sims, open up quests, and/or increase the kingdom's capacity for the four Aspects.

The only building a kingdom starts with is the Castle. Further buildings must be bought using Resource Points earned from quests. Purchased buildings come completely furnished with the basic tools and living quarters used by the hero associated with them.

Players cannot create their own buildings or alter the exteriors or structural features of buildings, but are free to buy and sell furniture and fixtures within the building and change the appearance of interior floors and walls.

Building Hero Sim Aspect Capacity
Castle Monarch 2 of each aspect
Barracks Knight Barracks Aspects
Tavern Bard Tavern Aspects
Market Merchant Market Aspects
Smithy Blacksmith Smithy Aspects
Clinic Physician Clinic Aspects
Wizard's Tower Wizard Wizard's Tower Aspects
Spy Quarters (Needs Reception Hall ) Spy Spy Quaters Aspects
Cathedral Jacoban Priest Cathedral Aspects
Monastery Peteran Priest Monestary Aspects

There are other purchasable buildings that have no hero associated with them or are involved in any quests, but will still grant the kingdom further capacity in the four aspects.

Building Name Aspect Capacity
Lighthouse Aspects, Lighthouse
Kingball Court Aspects, Kingball Court
Mill Aspects, Mill
Watcher Pavilion Aspects, Watcher Pavilion

Finally, there are buildings and areas that are either available from the beginning of the game or will automatically appear later as it grows. None of these grant heroes or capacity for aspects but are functional locales for quests and responsibilities.