The exterior of the Cathedral.

Jacoban Priest Found at

The Cathedral of Jacob is an imposing structure built to inspire awe and fear. Its hallowed halls often resonate with the sound of firebrand sermons and voices lifted up in praise of The Watcher.

The Cathedral is the house of worship for Jacobans. It is also where the Jacoban Priest lives.

Leading up to the Cathedral's grand entrance is a porch with a fountain on either side. The Cathedral immediately opens up to the main church area, with six pews facing a pulpit in front of a gigantic altar. To the side of the pulpit is a desk for the priest or his assistant(s) to write at. A small hallway to the left of the nave leads to the Priest's living quarters, complete with a well-dressed table with comfortable chairs, a room divider, a large bed, and a gigantic fresco that covers the entire wall behind the bed. Outside the Cathedral is a royal messenger post, a well, and a proclamation board the Priest uses to post proclamations.

Placing a Cathedral in your kingdom increases its capacity for Culture by 3 and Security by 1.

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