Children are the younger inhabitants of the kingdom in The Sims Medieval. Medieval children have several differences from the modern children of The Sims series.

Medieval children only have two ages: baby and child. A baby will grow into a child after one day, but a child will not grow any older except under certain circumstances. This is humorously referenced in the game, with a man complaining that his son is still a child after over 30 years.

Medieval children do not attend school and never die.

Children are largely unaffected by religion; adult Sims can praise the Watcher while interacting with children and children can attend sermons and watch Peteran evangelizing, but children cannot be converted by priests, prayed with, or the target of any buffs from priest abilities or wizard spells. It is unknown if children count as truly agnostic (and thus susceptible to the Carefree and Searching buffs) or if they simply experience no aspect of spirituality at all.

Heroes' children

Heroes' children are heirs to their parents' jobs as heroes. If one parent is a hero they automatically become heir to that parent's job, however if both are heroes, then they will take on the apprenticing title of whichever parent's home they are born in (e.g. with a Bard mother and a Merchant father, the child will be a Lil' Troubadour if born at the Tavern or a Lil' Trader if born at the Market). This is regardless of gender. A child can only take over their parent's job if their parent is dead (or has left the kingdom), therefore the parents cannot simply 'retire' and give their job to the child. If the parent dies you have the option of making their child or one of their children the heir, creating a new character to fill the space, or choosing from pre-made characters. If the hero has more than one child you may choose which one you want to assume the role. The chosen child will become an adult whilst the others stay children and go with the surviving parent to where-ever that parent lives or lived before they came to be with the hero.

Regardless of the gender of the Monarch, the child of the Monarch will automatically be prince or princess, even if the other parent is another hero type.

Upon the birth of a fourth or subsequent child one of the four children in the Kingdom (including the newborn) must be sent away to one of four random foreign land destinations such as an Advorton Military Academy, a Crafthole Trade School, or a Gastrobury Culinary Academy. (The foreign land does not have to be annexed, allied, or even discovered for the associated option to randomly appear.) This is beneficial to the parent as the child may send letters and gifts that cannot be obtained in any other way.


Though they don't have school, the children of heroes will have an "apprenticeship" related to the occupation of one of their parents.

Parent's Class Child's Title
Bard Lil' Troubadour
Blacksmith Lil' Smith
Jacoban Priest Lil' Inquisitor
Knight Lil' Swordsman/Swordslady
Merchant Lil' Trader
Monarch Prince/Princess
Peteran Priest Lil' Friar/Prioress
Physician Lil' Bloodletter
Spy Lil' Spymaster/Spymistress
Wizard Lil' Sorcerer/Sorceress


There are many benefits to having children.

  • As babies, children will bestow a powerful buff, It's a Boy/Girl, to their parents until they grow up.
  • If a Sim socializes with their child long enough, they will receive a positive buff, Played with Child.
  • A Sim can have their children visit the Village Shoppe for them, saving the hero from having to go themselves. Note: The children of Hagglers will not get the discounts their parent receives, unless the child is also a Haggler. Guild Enemy parents can get around the higher prices they are charged at the Village Shoppe by sending their children in their stead.
  • A dead Hero Sim can be replaced by one of their children.


Toy swordfights are a favorite childhood activity.

  • Newborns will have a much higher starting relationship with their mothers (Friend) than with their fathers (Acquaintance).
  • The traits of children are determined randomly, so if a child replaces their mother or father, this can not be customized. With that in mind, think carefully about which child should replace their parent. Only the Fatal Flaw can be changed naturally, through a Legendary Trait-seeking quest if they take over their parent's profession, or you could change all of their traits with Cheats.

However, calmer children may prefer a game of chess.

  • A child's looks are simply a combination of the looks of their parents.
  • Only adults have the interaction available to plan another Sim's outfit, and the options of children's' clothing/hair styles are few, and sometimes limited to gender.

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