" Compulsive Gamblers are obsessed with games of chance, especially when money is on the line. They will frequently get the itch to make bets and gamble, often for higher stakes. "

Compulsive Gambler is one of the Fatal Flaws featured in The Sims Medieval.

  • Compulsive Gamblers who haven't gambled for about 9 to 12 hours will get the negative "Gambling Itch" buff, dropping their Focus by 15. This buff will only disappear after playing cards with another Sim or placing a bet with them.
  • Compulsive Gamblers can make both small bets (§25) and big bets (§100) with other Sims. A Compulsive Gambler can only make one small bet and one big bet per Sim per quest.
  • Being a flaw, the Compulsive Gambler trait doesn't make a Sim any better at gambling or give them any unique enjoyment from gambling. Compulsive Gamblers merely have a psychological urge to gamble.
  • Good for a Bard.