Cursed fatal flaw

The fates are unkind to Sims afflicted with the Cursed trait. Things just never seem to go their way.

Cursed is one of the Fatal Flaws featured in The Sims Medieval. It is similar to the Unlucky trait from The Sims 3.

  • Cursed Sims will sometimes wake up feeling " Cursed". This will not only give them -10 Focus for 16 hours but gives them bad luck for as long as they have the debuff. Sims who feel " Cursed" will have a dark cloud and spinning spots above their head.
  • The " Cursed" effect also causes all romantic interactions to fail and be viewed as creepy by the other Sim even if they are married.
  • " Cursed" can be cured with the wizard's luck potion.
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