Bring out ye' dead!

Death is the event where a Sim dies. When a Sim dies, they can be mourned over briefly by others while the Grim Reaper manifests nearby to take their soul. Unlike previous games, dead Sims don't leave behind urns or gravestones and, despite the presence of a "gravedigger" villager, aren't buried in the graveyard.

If a hero dies, you can no longer control them and will have to create a new Sim to fill the dead one's position, starting at level 1. The dead hero can also be replaced by one of their children. Any children who do not replace their dead parent will be moved to a new house.

Children and Babies cannot die in The Sims Medieval.

If a Hero dies and has no children, their belongings will be placed in "storage" until a new replacement moves into the kingdom to inherit all of their predecessor's belongings.

Confirmed Ways to Die

  • Starvation - If a Sim does not eat for a very long time, they will eventually starve to death.
  • Battle: Duel to the death - Knights, Monarchs, and Spies have the ability to duel others to the death, where the loser of the duel is killed.
  • Battle: The Pit - Sims who purposefully enter the Pit of Judgement risk being killed by the Pit Beast. The chance increases, with low energy. Feeding the beast and having high energy before jumping in helps avoid this.
  • Murder - Sims can be killed in cold blood by other Sims using poison, magic, and swords. Murderers face serious punishment if caught.
  • Execution - Sims who commit crimes or fail their jobs excessively can be sentenced to be fed to the Pit Beast in the Pit of Judgement.
  • Quests - Certain quests may kill off certain NPC's, these are often NPC's that are created during the quest although there are exceptions such as in Royal Assassination


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