"Drunkards have a love-hate relationship with various intoxicating beverages; they love to drink, drink often and in large amounts, but really hate life when they wake up the next morning."


Drunkard is a Fatal Flaw in The Sims Medieval.

Sims who possess the Drunkard trait simply must drink, if they don't they will begin to suffer from focus penalties. Considering the other fatal flaws, this is one of the easiest to overcome.


Drunkard is not only an easy flaw to overcome, but a fun one too! Most Sims love to be drunk, the only problem is getting them drunk. For the Bard , this is easy, as they spend most of their day in a Tavern . For Heroes like the Monarch and Knight , still relatively easy, as they spend a lot of time near the Castle and little time outside. For the Blacksmith and Priests , a little more difficult. The Blacksmith spends time outside and a lot time crafting so drinks must be timed properly. The Priests can have casks in their rooms, but getting drunk isn't the best idea in a church. Lastly, we have the Merchant , Wizard , Physician , and Spy . All of these Heroes spend a lot time outside, away from casks. The Merchant and Spy in particular may even leave Kingdom, where you can't get them drinks.

In short, the Bard can handle this flaw. The Monarch and Knight can handle this flaw. The Blacksmith and Priests may have trouble. The Wizard and Physician may not be able to handle this flaw. The Spy is more difficult to handle this flaw. The Merchant is the most difficult to handle this flaw.

Try to have a couple of drinks before you head out and you will be fine. 

For every sims it is very easy fatal flaw. Just do not drink too much (max 4) and you will always have positive focus bonus. Remember to pay attention to the drink-related buffs and don't go too far. Some drinks will get you drunk faster than others.

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