Eaglewood is a bush herb that can be found in various locatons around the
Eaglewood Picture

The information for Eaglewood.


A bush of Eaglewood growing next to tree.


A common plant used in many magical concoctions.

Eaglewood may contain Seeds, Grassweed, or Bloodmoss.


Eaglewood can generally be found growing very close to trees.

The garden in front of the Clinic has 1 Eaglewood bush. Just behind the Clinic near the cliff is another bush, and one more in the trees near the cliff to the side of the Wizard Tower.

The bush closest to the tree in front of the Barracks entrance is Eaglewood, and there's another on the Reception Hall side between two trees.

There are 2 bushes in the Town Square area, in the trees next to the Market and in the trees in the corner of wall near the houses.

One bush near end of river infront of Smithy.

One bush at the base of the Judgement Zone hill on the Court Commons side.

One bush under the tree between the Monastery and Cathedral.

One bush on the path to the forest near the Wildflowers and 2 bushes in the Forest Outskirts clearing.

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