<Kingdom>'s alliance with the Pirate Tribunal has pushed the Tredonian Guild Consortium to the breaking point. Guild Lord Landegraab is besieged by both the pirates and his own political rivals within the guild. Admiral Horus Mandrake remains a dangerous enemy on the seas, though his fleet is dwindling beneath the combined Black and Red Pirate fleets. In <Kingdom>, a secret meeting is about to take place which will decide the fate of the war...
End the War: Gut the Guild is a Pirates and Nobles quest which costs 4 QP. It is one of the three possible quests to end the war between the Aarbyville Pirates and the Tredonian Nobles. It is available when the War Effort Gauge is all the way on the Aarbyville Pirate's side.

The Final Assault - can be completed by the Monarch and one other Hero.

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