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Dread Pirate

GAIN PIRATE ALLEGIANCE: Lead the decisive moment which turns the war in favor of the pirates! Resolve an epic confrontation and savor the victory which changes your kingdom forever.

The Final Assault is a Pirates and Nobles quest which ends the war between Aarbyville and Tredony, ensuring the Pirates victory.This quest costs 4 QP, is available once fully allied with the Pirate Tribunal and can be completed with the Monarch and any other one Hero.


(completed with the Monarch and the Blacksmith)

Monarch (M) - Confer with Royal Advisor

M - Await the arrival of the Pirate Tribunal --> Plan the Final Assault at the tactical map with Dread Pirate Darktide

Blacksmith (B) - Assess preparations at the Town Square --> Tell War Effort Quartermaster <d'Argues> to install a Cauldron at the Town Square

B - Assess preparations at the Forest --> Check up on War Effort Quartermaster <MacDuffie> --> Speak with Royal Advisor

M - Speak privately with Blacksail Ravenscar --> Give Blacksail Ravenscar your answer

  1. Don't be hasty- (Ravenscar gets mad; capture the Admiral during the below ambush)
  1. Kill the Admiral- (Ravenscar is pleased, says to wait for his signal)

M - Sail to intercept and ambush Admiral Mandrake

M - Choice- What to do with the ship and crew? Spare Them  -or-  Sink Them (Receive 150 xp for both)

M - Bring Admiral Mandrake to the holding area on the Beach

B - Reforge the Sword of Reverence (7 Electrum , 7 Mithral ) --> Bring the Reforged Sword of Reverence to the Monarch

B - Meet Monarch at the Beach when he returns from his Mission with the Pirates

M - Use the Interrogation chair to get information from Admiral Mandrake --> Find out what Admiral Mandrake knows

M - Sail to Recover the Legendary Treasure (receive Legendary Elixir of Sea Strength)

M - Decide the fate of Admiral Horus Mandrake - Choice- Talk to...

  1. Blacksail Ravenscar- "Stop! I will not allow you to kill the Admiral." --> B- Escort Admiral to the stocks --> B- Give the Order for Admiral Horus Mandrake to be locked in the Stocks
  2. Admiral Horus Mandrake- Execute by sword.

M - Confer with Dread Captain Darktide about the Next Phase of the Plan

M/B - 1 day until Final Assault (fulfill tasks before time runs out; tasks do not disappear, they are repeatable and increase your chances of victory)

M - Train Pirates, Guards or Recruits at a Training Dummy

M - Spar with Pirates, Guards and Recruits

M/B - Give Inspirational Speech on the Evangelism Platforms at the Forest and Town Square

B - Forge Battle Armaments and bring them to a Quartermaster (need to make 2 to turn in, can repeat)

B - Recruit Combat-Able citizens for the Final Assault (3 citizens, not all have the option to Recruit; the Monarch can also Recruit citizens)

M - Travel through the Forest to make the Final Assault on the Tredonian Capital --> Return from the Assault and gather at the Forest Clearing (auto)

M - Defeat Guild Lord Demetrius Landegraab (best in a duel or Execute by sword; the Guild Lord has an orange glow about him)

  1. Execute by Sword- (unable to do with the Guild Lords powerful orange glow --> Challenge to Duel)
  2. Challenge to Duel- you win but Guild Lord is not done --> Drink the Legendary Elixir of Sea Strength (if Guild Lord is passed out, wait to drink as it only has a 2 hr buff) --> choose to 'Execute by Sword' or 'Banish'
  3. Duel to the Death- (you may die, so be cautious; you don't use the Elixir)

M - Go to view the Renovations at the Town Square (it is now pirate themed...)

M - Choice- Permanently keep the new pirate theme -or- Ask it to be put back to normal

(Quest Ends)



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