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Platinum Award RP
Plus Icon.jpgWell-beingSecuritySecurityKnowledge
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Gold Award RP
Plus Icon.jpgWell-beingSecurityKnowledge
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Silver Award RP
Plus Icon.jpgWell-beingSecurityKnowledge
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Bronze Award RP
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The world was in shambles in the wake of the Tredonian-Aarbyvillian war. Civilization seemed at the mercy of the bloody conflict. A peace summit would no longer resolve the troubles, but a Court of War backed by the world unified in their desire for peace could force the battling territories to end the hostilities for good.

Overruled! is the only approach to the quest End the War: Order in the Kingdom and it costs 4 QP. This quest is available once enough war quests have been completed and the War Effort Gauge remains Neutral. It is a two hero quest which can be completed with the Monarch and any secondary hero.


"Justice may be blind, but I am not!" - Monarch

Monarch (M) - Take a walk around Kingdom

  • Share concerns with other Hero
  • Return to the Throne Room to handle matters at court

Secondary Hero (H) - Open Larder to check remaining stores

(H) Choice - Replenish stores by Fishing -or- pick Herbs

  1. Fish- Catch 2 fish to replenish foodstuffs
  2. Herbs- Pick 3 herbs to augment stores

M - Share concerns with other Hero

H - Accompany Monarch to court in the Throne Room

M & H - View the political situation at the tactical map

M - Hold court to hear foreign delegates (listen to petitions; Crafthole; scenario with Dignitaries)

H - Search for Tome of Law at a bookshelf (close bookshelf to auto-receive book) --> Learn about the law by reading "The Doctrine of Deeds" book

  • Break up the clashing Dignitaries
  • Explain the idea for a lawful resolution to Monarch

M - Confer with Royal Advisor in private

Monarch Choice - Refuse to admit defeat! -or- Won't take the cowards way out!

1) Refuse- ask Hero for help on a task

H - Acquire set of Peasant's clothes from Village shoppe

  • Obtain an unused Guard's uniform for disguise
  • Recruit Royal Guard for covert mission

M - Propose and pass an edict for a united world peace

  • Scribe a Declaration of Peace at scribe table --> Hand over the declaration to Royal Advisor
  • Sign a Treaty of Ongoing Peace on the scribe table

H - Inform Royal Advisor that preparations have been made

  • Post the "Declaration of Peace" at proclamation board
  • Check Royal Guard's readiness for the mission --> Set sail to find and retrieve a witness for the trial

M - Travel through the Forest to summon the factions to trial (travel twice to also get to Aarbyville)

  • Tell Guild Lord Demetrius Landegraab to bring his entourage to the Town Square
  • Escort the Tredonian leaders to the Town Square

H - Explain plan to keep Heir Dacian Landegraab safe --> Escort lowly peasant Dacian to the safety of [your home]

  • Ask Monarch about the trial
  • Meet the Pirate leaders on the Docks --> Question Heavy Guard about the Aarbyvillians
  • Ask Shipmaster Negis Broadside to follow you --> Escort the Aarbyvillian leaders to the Town Square

M - Preside over the War Court from the Town Square Throne

H - Swear in the members of the War Court on the evangelism platform

Monarch Choice - Hear first statement from Tredony -or- Aarbyville

  1. Tredony- Ask Shipmaster Negis to respond to opening statement
  2. Aarbyville- Ask Guild Lord Demetrius Landegraab to respond to opening statement
  • Ask Hero to bring the witness to the trial

H - Return home to retrieve lowly peasant Dacian --> Call Dacian to give testimony in court

  • Return to Town Square with lowly peasant Dacian
  • Ask for Heir Dacian's testimony on the incident
  • Interrogate a confession out of Admiral Horus Mandrake in the chair

M - Ask Heavy Guard to see what the Admiral dropped --> Examine the Admiral's map

Monarch Choice - Intercede between them -or- Let it play out

1) Intercede- Try to get the Admiral to see reason (listen to scenario)

2) Play out- (listen to scenario)

Monarch Choice - Negotiate a peaceful resolution -or- Take control over both territories

1) Negotiate- (Hero) Release foreign Dignitaries from the stocks

M - Return to Throne Room for the peace treaty signing

  • Brew and serve some celebratory drinks for the foreign leaders


2) Take Over- Demand 'tribute' from the foreign leaders (Tredony gives $2000; Aarbyville gives attitude)

H - Pelt Shipmaster with 3 rotten food while he's in the stocks

----------------------------------(quest continues)

M - Check out the Town Square renovations

Monarch Choice - Revert changes -or- Keep the new changes

(Quest ends)


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