Fiddle 2

Physician playing the fiddle.


The Fiddle is an item in The Sims Medieval which can be used by Heroes of all professions to play music. It can be bought at the Village Shoppe.

There seems to be a hidden skill/counter for fiddling, as the number of songs a Sim can play will increase as he or she performs on the fiddle. Unskilled players will give the negative focus buff , "You Call That Music?" The Bard knows all fiddle songs from the start.

It is currently unconfirmed whether and how fiddling relates to the musical skills of the Bard (lute).


  • Bella In The Lowground
  • Chinchillas Ate My Chamberpot
  • Crumplebottom Waltz
  • Ho Watcher, Hey!
  • Merrily Kiss The Chirurgeon
  • Monarch On The Mountain
  • Ol' Sim Cole
  • Sally Get Your Chainmail On
  • The Devil Went Down to Crafthole

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