Focus is an indicator of how a Sim is feeling.

Focus Meter.png

Focus is determined by buffs; positive buffs increase a Sim's Focus while negative buffs decrease it. The Focus effects from all the buffs a Sim is experiencing are added together and displayed on the Sim's Focus Meter. If a Hero sims Focus Meter is in the red while they're on a quest, Quest Performance will begin to suffer. Likewise, if their Focus Meter is high, Quest Performance will start to go up.

Focus Meter.jpg

Focus affects the chance of success for a large number of actions and events, including dueling, crafting, gathering and quest tasks. Therefore, in general, it's important to keep a Sim focused by earning positive buffs and avoiding negative ones, though there are certain quests that may require low focus as a quest stage objective.

To increase Focus, make sure your Sims get enough food and sleep to keep their Hunger and Energy motive bars full. Acquire a love interest, enjoy a stroll in the Forest, or partake in an exciting activity.

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