A picture of the Forest.

The forest on the edge of the kingdom is a mysterious nexus of intertwined pathways to distant lands, various sets of animal tracks, and dense foliage. A heavy, brooding atmosphere hangs in the air. Travelers beware!

The Forest is an area west of the Kingdom's castle. It is unknown exactly how large it is, though it is the site of a wide selection of random events and different quests indicate it may extend as far as Yacothia or Snordwich. Though not particularly dangerous, it is an untamed and largely unexplored land teeming with wild animals and fantastic beings, some of which may harm a Hero.


The area right in front of the "rabbit hole" is used in several quests and has harvestable plants, while the Forest proper offers the following activities:

  • Sims can "Take a Stroll" and get a positive buff, Relaxing Stroll, for doing so.
  • Sims capable of combat can patrol in the Forest to receive experience (xp).
  • Sims capable of combat can hunt in the forest, leading to some variety of meat if successful.
  • Sims capable of combat can patrol the road to Tredony, Yacothia, Snordwich, and Burdley to improve foreign relations.
  • Sims with the Adventurous trait can go on adventures in the forest.
  • Certain quests involve entering the forest.


  • If the Kingdom is not very safe, bandits will frequently be found just outside the Forest..
  • Most trips to the Forest will include at least one random event. These include rustling in nearby bushes, a slightly sulfurous fountain of youth, a bandit encounter, finding an injured pixie, a merchant who has been injured, and a bear attack.
  • Unsuccessful hunts may result in the Hero being maimed, gorged, or bitten/scratched, producing a negative buff.


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