Genies Staff
Genie's Staff
Genie Staff


Genies Staff


The Staff given to me by the powerful genie I freed.


  • Power: 5


Obtained through Quest

"The Staff given to me by the powerful genie I freed."


The Genie's Staff is a magical staff available only from the quest Contents: Genie, if you choose to free the Genie. It looks like the normal Treemancer's Staff, which can be purchased in the village. With a power of 5, it is not the most powerful staff, but it comes with a letter which reads:

Genie's Wizard's Tip!

When a Wizard reaches his or her maximum potential, there are secret spells hidden to all but the most dedicated. I spent my entire life searching for this spell, and I pass the recipe down to you. The Rune order is as follows: Light - Energy - Chaos.


Genie <Name>

If the Rune combination is entered correctly, then the Wizard will have made a spell called the Beacon of Hope

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