The army of Golems in the Golems Gone Wild quest.

Golems are robots from Ticktop created to do most of the work while the people are busy inventing.

When doing the Golems Gone Wild quest your wizard will learn the Golemify spell which has the combination of light, force and energy. This turns the target into a Golem if they have the Golem Disguise Prototype in their inventory which can be crafted by the Blacksmith. The sim will do everything he/she normally does. The disguise will count as everyday clothes, and your sim can put them on or take them off whenever he/she wants to. All the spell does is forcing the target to put on the disguise. after a period of 5 hours the Golems will put on their normal clothes again. The suit does not count as armor.

A number of real Golems (as opposed to the Golem disguises in the Golems Gone Wild quest) will join the Kingdom as NPCs if the peaceful approach is chosen.


  1. Golems Gone Wild - Ticktop annexation quest 
  2. Golem Bob - one approach to Jacoban's Day Out 2: A Pilgrimsaster
  3. Very Bazaar - Out Trade the Traders approach with the Merchant


  • Villager from Golems Gone Wild "My father was crushed to death by a Golem hug. This is my chance for vengeance! Just tell me what I need to do."
  • Special Agent Tock "...these Golems are dancing incessantly. They bash into homes and abduct unwilling dance partners every night. Sometimes those partners are wounded or even crushed to death."
  • Golems: A Comprehensive Handbook

"The first craftsmen able to animate true Golems were the inventors of Ticktop. It was discovered that Mana Stones imbued these inanimate humanoids with significant powers. The stones can be placed into a cage inside their torso.

Although Golems are unable to speak, they often express themselves physically and with unintended force. A spell exists which can transform a person into a Golem and grant them comparble strength.

The most effective method for destroying a Golem is through the removal of the Mana Stone. This can be difficult, as most Golems will resist fiercely."

"A new spell can be derived from an ancient curse spell using Light runes instead of Dark runes. The new spell will imbue the target with Golem-like attributes such as massive brawn, but at a cost to their more human qualities." "The spell can be disorientating for the subject. It's helpful to engage the subject in conversation as a distraction."

-from Golems Gone Wild quest


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