Hero List

The symbols of each hero.
Top Row: Monarch, Knight, Spy, Peteran Priest. Jacoban Priest.
Bottom Row: Blacksmith, Bard, Physician, Wizard, Merchant.

Hero Sims are Sims that are under direct control of "the Watcher." In other words, Hero Sims are Sims the player can create and control.

Each hero has a class that defines their skills, duties, and overall profession. Currently, there are ten classes but its possible more may be added later in future updates or expansions. Each kingdom can only have one hero for each class; once one has been created or assigned, the only way to choose a different hero for that class is to start another kingdom or to have the current hero die.

Each class of hero live in a signature building which must be bought with resource points before the hero can be in the kingdom. When a kingdom first starts, it will only have a castle and 0 resource points. Thus, new kingdoms will only have a Monarch and will need to do at least one quest with him or her.

Here is a list of the ten classes, along with a short description of each and their associated building.

  • Bard - The local poet, playwright, and performer to boot. The Bard stays in a room in the Tavern.
  • Blacksmith - The skilled crafter of tools and equipment. The Blacksmith lives above his workshop at the Smithy.
  • Jacoban Priest - The pulpit-pounding preacher. The Jacoban Priest lives in a room in the Cathedral.
  • Knight - The noble warrior and head of the kingdom's army. The Knight lives in a room in the Barracks.
  • Merchant - The thrifty trader of goods and wares. They stay in a house built near their Market.
  • Monarch - The ruler of the kingdom and a skilled fighter. The Monarch lives above the Castle's Throne Room.
  • Peteran Priest - The modest and mirthful mystic. The Peteran Priest lives humbly in the Monastery.
  • Physician - The learned and hopefully compassionate healer and scientist. The Physician makes their home above the Clinic.
  • Spy - The shifty-eyed "troubleshooter" for the crown. The Spy sleeps and works in secrecy in the Spy Quarters.
  • Wizard - The powerful, esoteric magus. Appropriately, the Wizard works in the Wizard's Tower.

Heroes are required in order to do quests. Different quests require different heroes and often require more than one hero at a time. Even if they're not a central character in a given quest, some quests will require certain heroes to be present in the kingdom to be a "supporting character" for the storyline of the quest.

In addition to questing, heroes have "everyday lives;" each morning, heroes will be given two responsibilities based on their class that must be finished within a time limit, usually 10 to 16 hours. Not doing one's responsibilities too many times will get the hero punished; even a Monarch can be arrested and put in the stocks for failing to do their job.

While a hero is a main character (i.e. a playable character) in a quest, they can gain experience either by achieving quest goals or doing tasks associated with their profession. When a character earns enough experience, they will advance in level, earning better skills, new abilities, and sometimes a different, grander title. Each class starts at level 1 and there are 10 levels to each class.

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