Sims with Hubris get so full of themselves when they successfully do things that they become blinded by their own hubris.

Hubris is a Fatal Flaw.

  • Sims with Hubris will be Blinded by Hubris (-5 Focus) for 5 hours after they successfully complete any task. This buff stacks up to a maximum of -40 Focus.
  • Sims with Hubris like to be complimented.


Hubris may seem easy to overcome because it has no time based penalties, and for some heroes it may be; the Knight, Monarch, and both Priests all seem to be able to overcome Hubris. But for others, Hubris will be fatal. It is highly recommended that you do not give Hubris to a Wizard, Physician, Blacksmith, or Spy. The reason for this is that, upon collecting any herb or mineral, crafting any potion or equipment, or doing any other task with a chance of failure, they will receive the stacking Blinded By Hubris buff. Because the buff lasts for 5 hours, it will greatly harm your quest performance with these heroes.

As shown above when your heroes are blinded when they do something good, if you collected a herb or metal you will get the -5 buff. While you have that buff, after you do something good and later on you find a flower you will get -10 buff and the -buff keeps getting higher every time you do something good until the debuff goes to -40 points.

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