Hunting is an action that can only be performed in the forest. Sims that are capable of combat (the Spy, Knight, and Monarch) are the only sims who are able to hunt. Technically, whaling can be considered a form of hunting (which can be performed by any sims with the "Whale Ate My Parents" trait), but only results in whale meat, whereas hunting can result in several.

Available Meats

These meats can be hunted for in the Forest or bought from the Village Shoppe. Whale meat is from successful whale hunts on the High Seas. Random Events can also reward meat.

Icon Type Description From Use
Icon bear meat
Bear Meat What majestic creature. Its meat will be put to good use out of respect for the animal's life. Forest hunt
Boar Meat Icon
Boar Meat Few can resist the sizzling scintillation of swallowing several succulent slices of swine. Forest hunt
Fowl Meat Icon
Fowl Meat Many different types of bird meat can be considered fowl. Forest hunt Cooking
Pigeon Icon
Pigeon Pigeons are great workers and they find a job to fulfill (a hungry stomach in this case) even in death. Cooking
Rabbit Meat Icon
Rabbit Meat They may be cute and cuddle, but the decision becomes easier when facing starvation... Forest hunt Cooking
Venison Icon
Venison Slightly gamey but flavorful, that is a staple of any royal table. Forest hunt Cooking
Unicorn Meat Icon
Unicorn The most prime meat in existence. Many believe that feasting upon the flesh of a unicorn can provide one with mythical powers, smiles and giggles. Trading or Random event in Forest Cooking
Whale Meat Icon
Whale Meat These giant steaks of meat are highly coveted for their tenderness and flavor. Whale hunts at Sea Cooking
Whale Meat - Choice Cut Icon
Whale Meat - Choice Cut These are the most tender and flavorful cuts of oversized meat steaks. Whale hunts at Sea Cooking
  • Unicorn Meat can only be used for roasting a large plate of Unicornucopia, which gives a hero a huge +75 "Unicornucopia" buff that lasts for 24 hours. It can also be sold for a large sum, costing 1,000 Simoles when sold from the inventory, and even more when sold through the stall of a skilled Merchant. (But, on patch [] it has a glitch where the Merchant tries to sell it on its stall and and receives a message saying: "You have sold your for 0 §")
  • Whale meat can be gathered from a whale hunt (requires a whaler boat, whaler harpoon, and a sim with the Whale Ate My Parents trait). After a successful hunt, the whaling sim will get 8 pieces of whale meat and 2 pieces of choice cut meat. The harpoon is used in the process and will have to buy a new one for every hunt, although the boat need only be purchased once.


Other meats obtained through quest and only available during specific quests.

Type Description From Use
Goblin Goblins! quest

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