Hunting is an action that can only be performed in the forest. Sims that are capable of combat (the Spy, Knight, and Monarch) are the only sims who are able to hunt. Technically, whaling can be considered a form of hunting (which can be performed by any sims with the "Whale Ate My Parents" trait), but only results in whale meat, whereas hunting can result in several.

Available Meats

These meats can be hunted for in the Forest or bought from the Village Shoppe. Whale meat is from successful whale hunts on the High Seas. Random Events can also reward meat.

Icon Type of Meat From Use
Icon bear meat.png Bear Meat Forest hunt
Boar Meat Icon.jpg Boar Meat Forest hunt
Fowl Meat Icon.jpg Fowl Meat Forest hunt Cooking
Pigeon Icon.jpg Pigeon Cooking
Rabbit Meat Icon.jpg Rabbit Meat Forest hunt Cooking
Venison Icon.jpg Venison Forest hunt Cooking
Unicorn Meat Icon.jpg Unicorn Meat Trading or Random event in Forest Cooking
Whale Meat Icon.jpg Whale Meat Whale hunts at Sea Cooking
Whale Meat - Choice Cut Icon.jpg Whale Meat - Choice Cut Whale hunts at Sea Cooking


Other meats obtained through quest and only available during specific quests.

Type Description From Use
Succulent Goblin Meat Goblins! quest

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