Insecure Insecure Sims don't have a lot of confidence in themselves, especially in regards to socializing. They are often nervous and get depressed easily if their social life isn't going well.

Insecure is a Fatal Flaw.

  • Insecure Sims become lonely after they've been alone for a while.
  • Insecure Sims who fail to interact with anyone after a few hours become depressed.
  • If an Insecure Sim is rejected or has a bad social interaction, they'll receive negative buffs.
  • Insecure Sims may wake up with the negative " Nervous Wreck" buff.
  • Insecure Sims can "Confide their Worries" with others.
  • For Insecure Sims, it's harder to make friends because most interactions will drop relationship.

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