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A Jacoban Priest.

The Cathedral, home of the Jacoban Priest.

The Jacoban Priest is the priest of the Jacoban faith and one of the ten classes of hero in The Sims Medieval. The Jacoban Priest class is unlocked once the kingdom has built the awe-inspiring Cathedral, which is led by the priest and is where he or she lives. Being the head of the cathedral, Jacoban priests begin the game automatically acquainted with an attendant.

While at the pulpit, Jacoban priests can also absolve Jacoban Sims of sins, earning them experience and comforting the Sims by giving them The Watcher's Absolution for +10 Focus for 9 hours. Absolving apparently costs the Sims §50, though this money goes directly into the Jacoban Church's coffers instead of the absolving priest's pocket.

Jacoban priests can use the Watcher's Touch ability by sacrificing some of their Energy. The subject of the touch receives the Protection Of The Watcher buff, granting them +10 Focus for an entire day which also reduces severity of injuries by one level.

Instead of praying, Jacoban priests focus themselves by reflecting on the Watcher. Reflecting for 30 minutes will give them the Watcher's Gaze buff for 1 hour. This buff increases focus by 20. Every 30 minutes your priest continues to reflect on the Watcher, another hour is added to the buff's duration, up to a maximum of 12 hours. No matter how much time your hero has on the buff, they can sacrifice it by using it to bestow the Watcher's Blessing on another Sim. The Watcher's Blessing erases and prevents negative buffs from the sim like injuries, diseases and fatigue.

Jacoban priests can also temporarily consecrate the water in wells, granting an hour long +10 focus to anyone who drinks from it.

Jacoban priests don't write with the Watcher or evangelize in informal public sermons like Peteran priests, but can nail various proclamations to the proclamation board outside the cathedral to alter the level of fear and change the behavior of Jacobans.


Jacoban priests can schedule sermons, their main form of income. Because the Jacoban doctrine is centered on fear, these sermons rely on intensity to shake the audience into submission. Before conducting a sermon, a priest needs to select a scheduled sermon time. Sermons can be scheduled for 8 AM, 1 PM, 6 PM, and 11 PM. Sermons don't have to be performed at the scheduled time on the dot and can be performed up to 2 hours later than scheduled. At the end of a sermon, the priest will receive money in the form of donations. The amount of money they get depends on their performance and the level of fear/popularity.

A good performance for Jacoban Priests involves the audience being Watcher-fearing enough to want salvation but not so fearful that they're afraid to even go to church. Switch between the two tones to keep the level of fear in the optimal window (indicated by the coloring on the fear meter) is vital for getting the most from a congregation.

Tone Description Effect Notes
Calm Sermonize with composure and serenity. The Watcher is merciful to His flock... most of the time. Decreases fear
Intense Sermonize in a fierce and fervid tone. Repent, for the hour of The Watcher is at hand! Increases fear


  • Absolve Sims for 2 Hours (Easy)
  • Bestow Watcher's Blessing (Medium)
  • Convert 2 New Jacobans (Medium)
  • Discuss Watcher with 2 Jacobans (Easy)
  • Give a Sermon (Medium)
  • Heal Someone with Watcher's Touch (Easy)
  • Pay Taxes (Easy)
  • Post a Proclamation (Medium, due to the limited posting)
  • Reflect on the Watcher for 2 Hours (Easy)
  • Convert a Pirate to the Jacoban Faith [Pirates & Nobles] (Easy)
  • Draft a Pro-Guildsman|Pirate Proclamation, followed by Post a Pro-Guildsman|Pirate Proclamation [Pirates & Nobles] (Medium)
  • Persuade the Guildsman|Pirate for War Secrets, followed by Deliver Secret War Info to Monarch [Pirates & Nobles] (Medium)


Level Title Abilities Notes
1 Shepherd/Shepherdess
  • Can Sermonize at the Pulpit
  • Can Absolve Sims of sin
  • Can Convert other sims to the Jacoban Faith
  • Slightly better chance of a successful Sermon at the Pulpit
  • Slightly better chance of successfully Absolving Sims of sin
  • Slightly better chance of successfully convert other sims to the Jacoban Faith
  • Somewhat better chance of a successful Sermons, Absolutions and Conversions
  • Better chance of a successful Sermons, Absolutions and Conversions
5 High Shepherd/High Shepherdess
  • Fairly decent chance of a successful Sermons, Absolutions and Conversions
  • Can tell what effect on fear level Proclamations will have.
  • Good chance of a successful Sermons, Absolutions and Conversions
  • Very good chance of a successful Sermons, Absolutions and Conversions
  • Higher chance of a successful Sermons, Absolutions and Conversions
  • Very high chance of a successful Sermons, Absolutions and Conversions
10 Eye of Jacob
  • Almost certain chance of a successful Sermons, Absolutions and Conversions
Bonus Levels
  • Further leveling will increase money/day and improve profession interaction success


  • Though not stated under the available abilities, Jacoban Priests may also participate in "Practicing Military Strategy", and unlike the Monarch, Knight and Spy, are the only non-combat-participating hero to have the ability. However, the Cathedral initially does not start with a tactical map, so it must be purchased from the Buy Mode to do so.

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