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The constable, locking a villain at the stocks.

The stocks.

An executioner near the pit.

A hero jumping in the pit.

Pitbeast is nice to you, when you visit it after feeding time.

The Beast in the pit.

The Judgement Zone is where criminals (and whomever the monarch dislikes) are sent for imprisonment, humiliation, and occasionally execution. The hangman lives in this area. In the quest "The Beast Must Diet" in the Pirates and Nobles expansion, the Pit Beast's name is revealed to be Griselda.

The Constable

The almighty embodiment of justice in The Sims Medieval. Whenever a crime happens, he will arrest the villain and either lock him in the stocks or throw him in the pit. Although the constable will also arrest anyone the monarch has condemned to death or the stocks, even royalty isn't above the law.

The Stocks

The stocks are used as punishment for minor crimes. While locked in the stocks, Sims are unable to move and are subject to being pelted with eggs and tomatoes by passing Sims, who may decide to spend the rest of the day humiliating a prisoner.


  • Throw tomato or egg at victim (lose influence with it).
  • The Monarch can free a victim.
  • A Spy can attempt to pick the stocks' lock, but will be locked up him/herself, on failure.


  • Gain debuff Humiliated by Stocks. -15 focus, lasts while locked up and ends 5 hours after release. Every tomato or egg a sim is hit with adds another -5 focus to the debuff.

Pit of Judgement

Major crimes are punished by execution in the form of being fed to the Pit Beast who lives in the Pit of Judgement. The victim is prodded out onto a plank overlooking the pit before being pushed in, making nearby Sims gather around the pit to watch the ensuing fight. In almost all cases, the last that's seen of the victim is a few bones that are tossed out of the pit after the beast is done consuming them.


  • Heroes can feed the beast (any kind of meat) for a small focus buff Fed The Beast (+5 focus for 24 hours).
  • Heroes can jump into the pit voluntarily for xp.
  • If someone else is already fighting the beast, other sims can watch the fighting. This will eventually give the buffs "Entertained"´(+25 focus) and later "Having a blast" (+40 focus).


  • Possible buffs: Victorious! , Narrow Escape and New Friend.
  • Possible debuff: Singed (wizard only) , Minor Scratch and Grievously Wounded.
  • See Rewards, but beware of possible spoilers.
  • Hero's death and quest failure, if he was active in current quest.

It is possible for a hero to survive a trip into the pit. Feeding the beast a hunk of meat before entering the pit will increase the chances of survival considerably. High focus almost guarantees survival, while low or negative almost guarantees death. Fighter type heroes (Monarch, Knight and Spy) have no advantage over others.

It is also possible for a Ticktop golem to survive the Pit of Judgement. Ticktop Golems appear in your kingdom after you have annexed Ticktop via the quest Golems Gone Wild.

Wizards that are thrown into the Pit of Judgement will fight in an explosion of sparks and lighting.


Minor (go to the stocks)

Major (go to the pit of judgment)

  • Poisoning another Sim.
  • Casting a harmful spell on someone.
  • Shirking responsibilities excessively.
  • Fail to complete the quest in an alloted amount of time, normally indicated by the trophy going below the Bronze meter.


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Hero Sims can gain several rewards from surviving in the pit:

  • Always 200 XP.
  • Hilt and Blade of The Legendary Doomsword. The Manual of Blacksmithing with the recipe using these parts can be obtained from a gnarled dwarf met either in the Village or the Forest.  Crafting this sword is a 20 point Watcher Achievement.
  • You can earn an Achievement for jumping into the Pit of Judgement and for surviving the Pit of Judgement 5 times in the same kingdom.