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This is your kingdom, the seat of a burgeoning empire destined for greatness...or not. It's all up to you! You control the course of your kingdom's rise to greatness... or fall from grace You are the author of your kingdom's story, be it an epic tale, tearful tragedy, or lively comedy. Anything is possible!

The Kindgom is on the Coastline, between Crafthole and Tredony.

The Kingdom is the territory ruled by the Monarch and is where most of the action in The Sims Medieval takes place. At the start of the game, the player chooses a Kingdom Ambition (the overall goal they want the kingdom to attempt to achieve) and a name. The kingdom has no canonical name and goes by whatever the player chooses for it.

Kingdoms start with 0 Renown, 0 Resource Points, between 40 and 75 Quest Points (depending on the chosen Ambition), and a value of 0 and a capacity of 2 in all four Aspects.


You are The Watcher and this is your home.

It is a land of limitless potential. Over millennia, you have the land grow and mature, waiting for the first people to arrive. They would become your followers. Your powerful gaze gave the people inspiration: they began to build and prosper. You marveled as they became a civilization. You were revered above all else; there was even a great statue erected in your honor.

For a time the people were happy, but it could not last. For all their good intentions, the people lacked judgement. You watched as their civilization was overwhelmed with violence, disease, famine and dire chinchillas.

Reflecting on these events, led you to an epiphany: People...are dumb. Merely watching them was not enough. If you could just reach out, give a gentle push in the right direction, would it not lead the people to a better fate?

But how to direct an entire civilization? What you really lacked were heroes: men and women that the others would follow. These heroes would become your hands with which to mold a new world. You had only to wait for the right people to arrive...

A young lord/lady is on their way to build a new kingdom. He and his allies posses the ambition you seek. With your influence, they would give rise to a glorious civilization...


When a kingdom first starts, it consists

The kingdom.

only of a Castle, a Village, some Docks, and a lonely hill and monster-filled pit used as a "Judgement Zone." Nearby is a Forest, a Cave, a river, and a field that's used as the Town Square.

Further Buildings and areas can be added by spending Resource Points from quests.

The hotkeys Alt+1 through Alt+5 aim The Watcher Camera at the Royal Ridge District, the Cliffs of Arcana District, the Town Square District, the Court Commons District, and the Watcher's Bluff District respectively.

New Buildings

There are new buildings that can be added by the use of Resource Points:

Some buildings are built automatically:


Along with the land, the Monarch rules directly, the kingdom starts with two regions already under it; Tredony and Crafthole. The kingdom can increase its size and influence by annexing more Territories. To do this, Resource Points must first be spent on allying with a territory, after which a unique quest involving an issue the region has been experiencing will appear in the Quest Menu. Successfully completing a territory's quest will annex the region, granting the kingdom its benefit(s).

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