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Licentious Sims are romantically inclined, but not exactly in a wholesome way. They're always looking to get some action, regardless or propriety and consequences.

Licentious is a Fatal Flaw.

  • Licentious Sims will feel they're in a Dry Spell (-20 Focus) if they haven't WooHoo'ed or kissed in awhile.
  • Licentious Sims have romantic interactions that are of a more seedy nature.

Dialogue - Trait

  • Compliment ankles
Warning: Using this Dialogue option will usually have a negative impact on relationships.
Exception: If the other person has the Vain trait, the result is a double plus relationship boost.


This flaw is fairly easy to overcome for any hero; all it takes is a kiss or other romantic interaction to get rid of the negative buff. If the sim is married and their spouse is around (for example, even if you marry the Build Master, he will spend most of his time in the throne room), the sim will only have to kiss their spouse every morning and evening and this flaw will barely be noticeable. Kissing will keep the dry spell buff at bay, but needs to be applied more often than WooHoo. WooHoo also comes with a decent positive buff that lasts 3 hours, to be replaced by lesser positive buff that lasts a further 3 hours.

Two Licentious sims do not need a 'Romantic Interest' relationship to WooHoo, 'friends' apparently comes 'with benefits'. The WooHoo option will not appear in normal/romantic dialogue, but the tent allows "WooHoo with ...". If you can get both sims in the same bed, the WooHoo option also becomes available.

Jealousy is a curse. To keep the dry spell buff at bay, you may be tempted to have multiple partners, but they will tend to catch you cheating, potentially causing other negative buffs. Any partner may independently attempt a romantic interaction, upsetting others. Being in the next room is often close enough for another partner to notice impropriety. Privacy settings on rooms are generally unreliable, and will not affect partners. Exception, what goes on in a tent stays in a tent, you may "WooHoo with..." in a tent with another partner standing right outside, totally oblivious.