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Lutes are used by the Bard hero and are skilled at playing songs on them. The strings of lutes, especially cheap ones, are prone to breaking after (or sometimes during) performances. A broken lute can not be played, but any Bard can restring their lute for a small amount of simoles. Lutes can be bought at the Village Shoppe, some available only when certain Aspects are high enough, or found through random events and quests. Lutes can not be crafted by any profession. There are two unique lutes available with the Pirates & Nobles expansion, through aligning with each side.

List of Lutes

Image Name Tone Description Notes
Beginner's Lute icon.jpg
Beginner's Lute Flat Every aspiring Medieval rock star has to start somewhere... Bard starts with this automatically
Peasants Lute.png Peasant's Lute Sharp An affordable, if cheaply made, lute for the lower classes.
Sturdy Lute.png Sturdy Lute Melodic Solid and dependable, this lute does the job competently.
Masterwork Lute.jpg Masterwork Lute Rich Carved out of the finest wood from the forests of Effenmont
Pirate Raiding Parrrty Lute.jpg
Pirate Raiding Parrrty Lute Rich The favored form of entertainment aboard a pirate ship since the rocking makes playing chess so difficult. It is a very challenging instrument to play, making those who are successful learn much faster on it Village shoppe; requires Pirates & Nobles; War Effort Gauge fully aligned with Pirates
Consortium Lute icon.jpg
Consortium Lute Epic! The prime product made by the Tredonian lute guild. A "buy local"campaign they have run has made it by far the most widely-used lute in the courts of the Tredonian elite. Its sound is golden and does well to line one's pockets, perhaps another reason for its popularity in Tredony. Village shoppe; requires Pirates & Nobles; War Effort Gauge fully aligned with Guild Consortium
Heavy Metal Lute.png Heavy Metal Lute Epic! A dark lute tempered with Adamantle, gothic death metal never sounded so good!
Heavy Metal Lute.png Lute of the False Muse Epic! My personal, albeit bitter, gift from the Master of Harmony of the Bards Guild. Gilded Guilds quest
Jeweled Lute of the Watcher.png Golden Lute of Euphony Divine I am the fabled muse of the Superior Songstress! Gilded Guilds quest
Jeweled Lute of the Watcher.png Jeweled Lute of the Watcher Divine A legendary lute of unsurpassed beauty and craftmanship, blessed by You-Know-Who