"Misanthropic Sims have nothing but disdain and contempt towards their fellow Sims., and won't hesitate to show it. They really don't get along well with others , so keep your distance!"

Misanthrope is a Fatal Flaw. It conflicts with Friendly.

  • Misanthropes will get the  Hates People buff (-15 for 2 hours) every time they interact with another Sim they don't know very well (relationship less than Good Friend). Because of this, it would be a good idea not to give this flaw to heroes who interact with others a lot, such as Physicians, Merchants, Monarchs or Priests. Misanthropes interact with others in normal way (except receiving the negative buff), without any more maluses, therefore when maintaining high focus the effects of this flaw can be easily managable. Another way to counter this is to avoid interaction with unknowns (as recognized by the Misanthrope).
  • Misanthropic Bards do not get the  Hates People from any form of their performance (except for recruiting an Actor/Actress for a Play), however they might get the buff for asking another Sim for inspiration. They could easily manage the buff due to possibly quasi-constant +40 Having a Blast buff from lots of fun (as performing or practising is recognized as fun by them). Additionally a Bard when performing increases relations with the audience, resulting in having lots of Good Friends in time (free to interact with).

Related achievements

  • "Mass of Misanthropes" requires your kingdom to have 10 Misanthropic Sims in your kingdom.
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