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Mithral is both hard to find and hard to work with. Without proper treatment it is nearly worthless, but when smelted correctly, creates the strongest metal known to man.



Mithral is a relatively rare metal found throughout the kingdom. Mithral is used to forge intermediate to strong equipment (beginning with the Knight's Plate. (Defense: 5 Weight: 6) The addition of Mithral to the standard steel alloy creates an extremely strong and fairly light armor. The Mithral makes it much costlier, though... (Recipe:Ferrous: 6,Mithral: 2,Phosphorus: 3) Knight's Plate).

Mithral nodes may contain Cruddium. A near worthless ore. It can be smelted to craft tools, but it is brittle, heavy, and of course, ugly. Cruddium, Quartz. A common crystal which can be found growing in most rock around the country. Peasants often use it in jewelry, although it does have some alchemical properties when treated correctly. Quartz, or Shiny Stones. Plain stones with a few uses. A burgeoning community has begun keeping collections of these stones, trading them amongst themselves. Shiny Stones.

A successful mining attempt will yield between 2-3 Mithral. However, mining at "a Rich Mineral Deposit" in the Training Yard can sometimes yield 4.



There are 6 locations:


Mithral can also be acquired by trading Gems. A few shiny gems. Ooo, shiny! (Trade goods from Tredony) Gems in Ticktop using the Merchant. The gems are accessed by trading 6 units of Barley. Despite its many uses, Barley is most often employed in production of various adult beverages. Barley to Tredony.