The exterior of the Monastery.

The Monastery is the house of worship for Peterans. It's also where the Peteran Priest lives.

The building opens to a modestly decorated entrance hall. A door on the left leads to the main church area with the pulpit and pews and a door on the right leads to the priest's room, containing his bed, cooking pot, writing desk, and a wash basin. A third door leads to a narrow hall, ending in a pair of inaccessible doors where it can be assumed the rest of the Peteran clergy live. Outside the Monastery is a courtyard with a messenger post, a fountain, a well, and a platform the priest uses to evangelize on.

While in the Monastery, Peteran Priests get The Watcher is Near buff, granting them +10 Focus.

Placing a Monastery in your kingdom increases its capacity for Culture by 3 and Knowledge by 1.


The song heard inside the Monastery is a Simlish version of the Medieval song Ja nuns hons pris, written between 1192-1194 AD by Richard I "Cœur de Lion" of England while he was held as a hostage by Leopold V, duke of Austria.