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Paddles are used for Kingball, which is a popular sport in the The Sims Medieval. Most paddles can be bought from the Village shoppe or crafted by a Blacksmith. The paddles range in levels of quality and power, greatly affecting a sims chance of winning the game.

The Sims Medieval has 4 paddles available and the addition of the Pirates and Nobles expansion pack introduced 2 additional paddles, totaling a sum of 6 types of paddles.

With the Pirates and Nobles expansion pack, the required ingredients for the Excalipaddle have been altered.

List of Paddles

Icon Name Power Description Ingredients Notes
Rookie Paddle`.png
Rookie Paddle 0 A rather plain Kingball paddle generally used by newbs and scrubs.
Acquired after playing one's first Kingball game
Rustic Paddle.jpg
Rustic Paddle 1 (3) A simple yet sturdy Kingball paddle commonly used by country folk. 3 Ferrous
  • Blacksmith lvl 1
Expert Paddle.jpg
Expert Paddle 4 (6) A paddle made for skillful players. 2 Electrum,

2 Ferrous,

2 Phosphorus

  • Blacksmith lvl 2
Ivory Paddle.jpg
Ivory Paddle 5 (7) The most common paddle used by Tredonian minor league players. They would use obsidian paddles, but they aren't paid enough. 4 Electrum,

3 Mithral

  • Blacksmith lvl (?)
  • requires Pirates & Nobles expansion
Obsidian Paddle.jpg
Obsidian Paddle 6 (8) A paddle of champions and the regular issue in the Tredonian kingball major leagues where no expense is spared. 2 Adamantle, 3 Mithral
  • Blacksmith lvl (?)
  • requires Pirates & Nobles expansion
Excalipaddle 8 (10) Using the most advanced techniques in Kingball paddle technology, all the professionals agree, this is the best Kingball paddle money can buy. You won't see a professional tournament where the winner isn't wielding one of these bad boys. 2 Adamantle, 2 Mithral/

2 Adamantle,

5 Mithral,

1 Mana Stone

  • Blacksmith lvl 5
  • Increased Ingredient Requirements with Pirates and Nobles expansion

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