A Peteran priest praying.

Religion, Peteran

Peterans are followers of the Peteran branch of the in-game religion. They believe in a god known as the Watcher, who created them, watches them, and guides them. Unlike Jacobans, Peterans believe the Watcher is kind, loving, and ultimately wants Sims to be happy.

With that in mind, Peteran priests try to emulate the Watcher's nature by being compassionate and spreading happiness to as many people as possible. Their sermons are often humorous and informal, with impromptu public evangelizing being common.

Peterans are notably very cerebral and contemplative, with every monastery keeping archives of books. Peterans also seem to practice a form of mysticism, often praying for answers, studying the Watcher for insight, and writing "with the Watcher" to pen new religious texts. This aspect is often mocked by the Jacobans, who do not directly appeal to the Watcher and instead follow the instructions of the superior clergy.

Peterans appear more humble than Jacobans; the clergy wear simple robes and live in plainly styled and modestly decorated monasteries.

The Peterans have a religious army, the Peteran Underground, who the Jacoban Priests say are the sworn enemies of the Jacoban Church. Unlike Jacob's Sword, the famed Jacoban paladins of Yacothia, the Peteran Underground is counter-cultural and clandestine, with no official backing from any kingdom.

Peterans will automatically donate 10% of their income to the Peteran Church.


There are a few mentions of a Sim named Peter who founded the Peteran Church. He's mentioned much less than Jacob and very little is known about him. He wielded the legendary sword Angel's Talon, which is rumored to have been given to him by the Watcher.


As can be expected, the workings of the Peteran faith are less structured and more localized than those of the Jacoban Church. Instead of having a single, central authority, each individual monastery is run independent of the others. The head of the monastery is its abbot or abbess (level 10). Below them are the priors and prioresses (level 5 to 9) and finally the conventional brothers and sisters (level 1 to 4) of the order.

Below the clergy are the friars and, the lowest ranking members, the acolytes.

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