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The Peteran Priest is the priest of the Peteran faith and one of the ten classes of hero in The Sims Medieval. The Peteran Priest class is unlocked once the kingdom has built the humble and earthy Monastery, which is led by the priest and is where he or she lives. Being the head of the monastery, Peteran priests begin the game automatically acquainted with a friar and an acolyte.


Before conducting a sermon, a priest needs to select a scheduled sermon time. Sermons can be scheduled for 8 AM, 1 PM, 6 PM, and 11 PM. Sermons don't have to be performed at the scheduled time on the dot and can be performed up to 2 hours later than scheduled.

At the end of a sermon, the priest will receive money in the form of donations. The amount of money they get depends on their performance and the level of popularity.

A good performance for Peteran Priests involves becoming popular among the audience and endearing them to the Watcher as much as possible. They normally have two tones - Calm and Humorous - but occasional have the option of using a Somber tone. A forth tone, Insightful, is available if the priest has studied the Watcher at the archives enough to get The Watcher's Gaze buff. After making an Insightful sermon, the buff disappears and the priest will need to study the Watcher again before another Insightful sermon can be made.

For the Peteran priest the four tones may help the popularity go up or down, it all depends on the audience and you need to listen to them to know which tone to use. If the crowd laughs and cheers at the priest, the popularity will go up, if they instead boo and give the priest thumbs down, the popularity will decrease.

Peteran priests can schedule sermons, their main form of income. If done well, sermons will earn the priest money in the form of donations.

The priest can hold his sermons in up to four ways:

Tone Description Effect Notes
Casual Sermonize in a casual manner *
Somber Sermonize in a grim and dour tone. Give those Sims something to ponder for awhile. * Appears occasionally
Humorous Sermonize in a lighthearted and whimsical tone. Not everything is gloom and doom, you know *
Insightful Sermonize in a thoughtful tone, expounding upon the wisdom of The Watcher * Requires The Watcher's Gaze buff

Depending on the occasion, either Casual, Somber or Humorous will be well received by the audience and increase the priest's popularity (Increased popularity will lead to both good church attendence and generous donations after the sermon is over). However, if the priest does not match his sermon to the crowd's "mood", popularity will suffer.

Insightful sermons are unlocked when "Studying the Watcher" at a Scribe Table for (randomly) 15-45 min. However, Insightful sermons are guaranteed to be well received by the audience.


When interacting with Evangelism Platform (located in the Monastery courtyard), the Peteran Priest has the option to Evangelize. This is quite similar to a sermon, however there are no "mood"-options and doesn't generate income, however it does raise popularity substantially.

Other actions

  • Peteran priests can pray alone or with another Sim. Praying for 45 minutes grants the positive Watcher's Smile buff, giving the priest (and anyone they pray with) +10 Focus for 7 hours.
  • They can sacrifice some of their Energy to bestow the Watcher's Favor buff on Sims. The Watcher's Favor buff has no duration and has no focus effect. Yet, it grants protection to the Sim you cast it on - if the Sim is in dire danger, say he/she is in the monster pit or is dueling and is about to die, the Watcher's Favor would terminate itself and save this Sim from death or from getting knocked out.
  • Peteran priests can temporarily bless wells. Sims who drink blessed water will have a +10 boost to their Focus for 2 hours.
  • In addition to reading texts at the archive, they can write with the Watcher to pen new religious tracts, which they can sell for extra income.
  • While in the Monastery, Peteran priests get The Watcher is Near buff, granting them +10 Focus.


  • Bestow Watcher's Favor on Another
  • Convert 2 New Peterans
  • Evangelize for 2 Hours
  • Give a basic Sermon
  • Pay Taxes
  • Pray for 2 Hours
  • Pray with 2 Peterans
  • Study the Watcher for 2 Hours
  • Write with The Watcher
  • Bless a Guildsman|Pirate with the Watcher's Favor, followed by Advocate the Guild Consortium|Piracy [Pirates & Nobles]
  • Convert a Pirate|Tredonian to Peteran Faith [Pirates & Nobles]


Level Title Abilities Notes
1 Brother/Sister
  • Can Sermonize at the Pulpit
  • Can Evangelize at the Platform
  • Can Convert other sims to the Peteran Faith
  • Can Study and Write with The Watcher at the Archives
  • Slightly better chance of a successful Sermon at the Pulpit
  • Slightly better chance of successfully Evangelizing at the Platform
  • Slightly better chance of successfully converting other Sims to the Peteran Faith
  • Can Study and Write with The Watcher at the Archives
  • somewhat better chance of successful Sermons, Evangelizing and Conversions
  • better chance of successful Sermons, Evangelizing and Conversions
5 Prior/Prioress
  • Fairly decent chance of successful Sermons, Evangelizing and Conversions
  • Good chance of successful Sermons, Evangelizing and Conversions
  • Very good chance of successful Sermons, Evangelizing and Conversions
  • Higher chance of successful Sermons, Evangelizing and Conversions
  • Very high chance of successful Sermons, Evangelizing and Conversions
10 Abbot/Abbess
  • Almost certain chance of successful Sermons, Evangelizing and Conversions
  • Each bonus level increases Daily Income and success at Sermons, Evangelizing and Conversions
Bonus Levels
  • Further leveling will increase money/day and improve profession interaction success


  • Interestingly, the Friar and Acolyte residing in the Monastery start out as Agnostics. They must first be converted in order to become Peterans.
  • If you convert one of your other heroes into the Peteran faith, they will be able to pray by themselves and thus grant themselves the Watcher's Smile buff.

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