Responsibilities are professional duties and tasks that heroes are given as part of their occupation.

Each morning at 9:00, heroes will be given two responsibilities based on their class. These responsibilities are on a time limit, but usually a very generous one, often 10 to 16 hours. Many of the Pirates & Nobles responsibilities are at a higher difficulty, take longer to complete and have two versions; the status of the War Gauge determines which variation (involving either Pirates or Guildsmen) gets randomly assigned.

Heroes who accomplish a responsibility on time will feel good about doing their jobs well and thus will be more focused. Likewise, heroes who shirk their responsibilities will be upset at failing their social role. In addition, heroes who shirk their responsibilities too often will be punished by a trip to the stocks. Even the monarch of the kingdom can be punished for neglecting to rule it well.

See each individual class' article for a list of responsibilities for that class:

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