Walls bordering the Kingdom

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Security represents the general safety and stability of the land.

A high Security value will result in an abundance of guards throughout the Kingdom. Bandits will never appear unless they are part of a quest. A high Security will also result in no burglaries and lower shop prices (-30%). A byproduct of the abundance of the guards is that Bloodthirsty will always have sparring partners around when they're in the mood for violence.

A neutral Security value will result into bandits appearing in the Kingdom at nighttime, but guards will be present at key locations, making the risk of robberies fairly low. There's also a chance of burglary taking place (which is an event, that happens during village visits).

Low Security value

  • Bandits keep appearing in important areas of the Kingdom, such as the Forest clearing or the path to the Village Outskirts.
  • These bandits will regularly steal from Sims in the area.
  • If a bandit steals from a Monarch, Knight, or Spy, a duel will be initiated (not to the death).
  • They are replaced on a daily basis if killed (no matter if duel or sent to the pit). A duel to the death is a waste of time, while sending the bandit to the pit at least gives hero sims time before another one appears.
  • The burglars will not steal from friends, so on the long run it's better to become friends with them, than killing them. But who said killing them isn't funner?
  • Low Security will also result in a high level of burglaries (which is an event, that happens during village visits) and increased shop prices (+10%).
  • At Very Low, bandits also try to break into the houses, stealing something or trying to attack the inhabitant.

When the Security Aspect is completely maxed out (the capacity is 12 and all 12 are fulfilled), earning additional Security Aspects will provide the kingdom with 10 RP per Security Aspect.

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When a Kingdom has very low Security , a paltry aspect quest may be offered to help increase the aspect.

Several buildings increase Security capacity.

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