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Duel seraphim darkstone bulwark
Duel - showing one combatant equipped with Seraphim and Darkstone Bulwark.


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An elegant sword with a blade of shining metal and ornate hilt supposedly patterned after angelic weaponry.


  • Attack: 7+1
  • Weight: 3


Gained from quest Cutting Edge or crafted by Blacksmith under special conditions.

Recipe for Seraphim


Icon seraphim Seraphim




"An elegant sword with a blade of shining metal and ornate hilt supposedly patterned after angelic weaponry."


Seraphim is a weapon in The Sims Medieval.

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It is one possible reward for successfully completing the quest Cutting Edge. (The others being Balmung, Trenfher and Galatine)

To get this weapon, you need to choose Azurite as the catalyst at a certain point in the quest, and choose "A Heavenly Blade" in the final dialog.

This weapon can be crafted by the Blacksmith under special conditions. Depending on which catalyst the Blacksmith has chosen in the quest Cutting Edge, at the end of the quest, two sword recipes will be added to the Forge. (either Seraphim and Galatine, or Balmung and Trenfher). However, one of the key ingredients is the Superior Alloy which can only be crafted while the quest Cutting Edge is active. Thus, to be able to craft any of the four swords (which shares the similar statistics as well as the same recipe ingredients, except where Balmung and Trenfher requires another catalyst), extra Superior Alloy must be crafted while the quest is active, while the swords themselves are craftable after the quest has ended.




  • Seraphim shares the same in-game model as Angel's Talon just with different particle effects.

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