The Smithy

An exterior view of the Smithy.

Inside Smithy

An interior view of the Smithy.

The Smithy is a workshop where all manner of tools, weapons, and armor are manufactured.
The Smithy is where various Equipment is crafted by the Blacksmith, who lives in the workshop.

The smithy opens up to a spacious work area, containing a forge, an anvil, and an armor mount. Additionally, a cooking pot, dining table, and several chairs are on this floor, allowing clients of the Blacksmith to comfortably wait for their purchases to be crafted. To the right of the forge is an inaccessible door where the blacksmith's apprentice lives. Above the workshop is the blacksmith's bedroom, where they keep a second cooking pot and a smaller dining table with just one chair.

On the right of the Smithy, there is a singular market stall against the outside wall which can sell items crafted by the Blacksmith.

Placing the Smithy in your kingdom increases its capacity for Security by 3 and Culture by 1.

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