Watcher's Hammer

The Legendary Sword Breaker -- not quite as good as falling into the molten lava of a giant mountain of fire, but it should do the trick in a pinch.

Animus - Make or Break

Sword Breaker, The Legendary breaking apart the Animuslaver blade!


Sword Breaker, The Legendary is a hammer obtainable by the Blacksmith in the quest ANIMUSLAVER! - Fear to Leverage!. It is a quest item only and disappears once the quest is complete. The Blacksmith will get a crafting book from the Bounty Hunter npc.

Manual The Cursed Doomsword

The Legendary Sword Breaker: A How To book

Bounty Hunter to Blacksmith as he hands him a book, "Craft Sword Breaker and with it we will end Animus' reign of destruction!"

Book - "The Legendary Sword Breaker: A How To"

Sword Breaker, the basics: Craft one Handle and one Head. Forge them together to form Sword Breaker. Proceed with caution. Author takes no responsibility for dented or cracked anvils that come as a result of the forging of any recipe found within this book.

To craft the Sword Breaker, the Blacksmith will first need to craft:



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