An outside view of the Tavern.

Inside Tavern

An interior view of the Tavern's starting contents.

The Tavern plays host to the favorite adult recreation of the kingdom: drinking. Hard times calls for hard drinks and rousing entertainment, whether it be melodious music from a lute or a clever comedy from the stage.
The Tavern is where Sims go to drink. The Bard lives in the upper room of the tavern, where a desk and archive allow them to write plays and poems. Downstairs are several tables for Sims to sit at to eat and drink and a stage for the bard, actors, and actresses to perform on.

Behind the bar of the tavern are a couple of casks to brew drinks in. Sims can brew drinks for free in the tavern, but taking or serving a drink costs simoles.

Placing a Tavern in your kingdom increases the capacity for Well-Being by 1, Culture by 2, and Knowledge by 1.

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