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The css required for this navbox to be displayed correctly is not yet in common.css. I'm trying to get general support for a first version can be added to make the navbox more usable then look for a css stylist to work on it to make it consistent with this site. In the meantime, you can make a copy of the css to your User:YourID/wikia.css page to make the navboxes more presentable.

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This adds a navbox for the daily life of a sim. Although parts of it overlaps with {{simology}}, the latter concentrates more on the simulated biology of a Sim, while this navbox conventrates on daily aspects and activities.


To add this navbox, just insert the following at the bottom of the affected pages

{{navbox life}}




Note: Partially overlaps with {{simology}} and {{locations}}. This navbox's aim is to gather the relevant links centering around Category:Daily Life Of A Sim.

Currently, the groups may not be well thought out, please cleanup and update grouping reasonings in this section.

  • Basic Life, simology related, applies to all Sims
  • Hero's Life, main aspects of Hero's life
  • Daily Life, common activities of All Sims
  • Social Life, relationships and socialization-centric activities and events
  • Medieval Life, aspects of medieval society
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